Friday, March 28

A Warm Welcome

Woah, finally the long hiatus ended and I think that myself misses this place like very much! So sorry for every excuses I would make, but that's the truth (or not). Or just excuses to cover my laziness.

Good evening, fellas!
Such a very long time didn't post anything, I mean really post something, long wordy posts to deliver my ideas about anthing. Yes, mostly are random ones.

I am writing now because I just saw the quotation by Mae West on my cupboard. I didn't come here like decades, then when I saw the quotation, my blog was the first thing came up on my mind. It was like, "Man, I miss my blog. That's the only place that can keep me and story of my life."

Meaning like, when I read the old posts I feel the feeling I felt at that time I was writing the posts. I feel how sad I was writing the post, sometimes I even cried when I wrote. And when I read sopme silly posts I've written before, then I smile. Some random love stories, friendship stories, adventures, anything. I often forget that I ever wrote the posts, then when I read them then I remember wrote them once. That's how a diary works.

Anyway, I feel blessed lately. I never ever love March in my entire life. But it's a bit different this time. There are tons of happiness to be grateful for. I travelled quite a lot this month, well, three cities only actually. Although it was just three cities, but I felt happy because that was sweet escape before I faced the busy days came up. I went to Jakarta and Bandung on Feb 28-March 2, then went to Purwokerto two weeks after. I will tell you more on other separated posts, because it's just a brief comeback post.

And, another thing I love from this month is 2NE1 is back!!! That was actually on CL's birthday last February, but they keep performing this month from one program to other programs. Noone beats them! Woooooot, the Queens are back! And I could say that I love their album to the max! The best album ever!

I have this story I keep from people, because I don't how to tell. It was about three weeks ago, I got a call from an unknown number. I guessed that was not even from Indonesia, because the numbers were not +62xxxxxxxxxx. So, then I received the call. My habit is I would say no words before the person calls me say something first. Yes, I remained silent.

The person there said, "Hello." Ah, a woman, that was the thought crossed on my mind. Then I said hello because I felt secure answering the call. "Is this Veli?" she asked.

I don't translate the conversation because it happened in English, really. Anyway, that was the first time ever I spoke English at home. I never did, even once before.

A foreigner? I was full of questions. "Yes. Who is this?" me asking her.

Then a long conversation happened between me and her. You know what happened?
Please introduce, Amna. She lives in Dubai. So, I guess I was right. She is opening a nail salon in about six months or so. She was and I think is looking for talented nail artists who are passionate in nail art world. She saw my designs on Velvet's Instagram. I put my business phone number, line, and BBM Pin there. She contacted me through the numbers I wrote there. In conclusion, she was offering a job to me. I was like, "OMFG! I'm so excited that I'm speechless." We talked through Whatsapp and email. She explained more on email. I was speechless, really, no words to say. I didn't even think somebody would contacted me from some other parts of the world and offered me the job. I was full of excitement and I am.

Man, it's Dubai!

If I didn't think much and Dubai is like somewhere near my town then I would say yes without thinking about anything else. But, it's 7 hours flight from Indonesia (Amna said). I haven't finished my study here, well, in six months I hope finishing it. I still have my own dreams for Velvet and other things I want to achieve. If I accepted the job, I would be TKW then -_______-

Thanks for the appreciation, anyway.

If I had to design and send her the designs, then I wouldn't mind working from here and send the designs via internet. Ah, sudahlah. Masa lalu.

At least, something great happened in my life.

Anyway, that's all for now. My phone is broken. I am back to Poltran. I work at Lebaksiu and Brebes. Just highlighting the events of my life :D

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

Monday, August 26

No Idea

I am not sure what tittle fits this post. I'm just surprised, yet shocking. But mostly shocking.for what had just happened this afternoon (I should say it yesterday afternoon). That was really unexpectedly. I never expected that stranger would call me and told me such great things.

Yesterday afternoon, I was at Posko, not so busy, just doing things and some stranger called my business phone. Honestly, I should say that my business runs slowly. Meaning that, there was nothing significantly happened. I keep promoting on Twitter and Facebook. The only unexpected one is this story doesn't come from neither Facebook nor Twitter. This one coming from Tokobagus. So, Velvet just made an account there few weeks ago and actually I didn't expect much from there, because I do count on Facebook and Twitter to promote my product.

When I firstly answered the phone, there was female voice over there talking really fast like she is an expert in offering product, but here she's in the position to propose me working with her. I might be exaggerating in facing this condition, but I just want every of my steps in reaching my dreams recorded in well-organized diary book which I share with people. Like, I wish every step of it, success or fail, written here and I can learn from the posts someday.

I don't know is it just me or you'll do so, but I was really nervous to answer the phone yesterday afternoon and talking with my stranger-client. She order big number of fake nails sets and I just can say that when I calculate the number of money, I was like, "man, are you kidding???"

I know some people from Twitter and Facebook who were interested in my products, asking this and that, firstly said that they would order, but then canceled it, unreachable, not answering my tweets or messages. I mean, I've learned enough from that condition that sometime people would let me down in so many ways. It can be that something seems so promising, but then it's just another test I should pass to know how I am ready to face the real world and the people out there.

I am learning much from every progress happened in my working to build Velvet. I believe that one day, hopefully in the short future, Velvet grows bigger. I know nail art is such a tempting industry to try. But for me, it's not only about trying new things and then forget it. No. I really am in love with this thing and I want it around my life. I am very passionate in the industry. I have passion.

Now I can find like there are quite a lot salon offer nail art as one of their services. For them, this industry is gold mine where they can get as much as possible from the least money they spend. Indeed, you can get like 3 times,, five times more profit from the service. When people who had ever done nail art somewhere and they find me late, they will be very lucky to finally find me. True, they spend less money in me.

It's almost one year I'm doing nail art business and I am very grateful that I am still into it. I keep reaching my dream. To make it big is easier than maintain it to keep bigger. I still have goals to reach. I still wanna hit the jackpot. I still love to challenge myself.

Sweets and bitters. I love the sweets, but I should never hate the bitterness of it. I love both, I just have to.

Anyway, I am still staying at Posko, staying awake like almost every night and travelling around the virtual world. I can't do nail art thingies here, I know it very well. When I am home, when I am awake at night, that's because I keep working on new designs from Velvet. I know I can't do that here, but at least I just can't get enough of thinking about anything related to that. My creativity just works well every single night, I keep designing and painting some designs I would probably do when I am home.

My bedroom at home was like my studio. Really, I slept with nail polishes and brushes and acrylics, and so on. But then when my sister and her family moved to new house which only two houses away from my house after Eid Mubarak, I got my very own room which I treat as my studio. The only thing I hate from that is my niece often mess my studio since I am not home often due to internship. Everytime I am home, I enter my studio, then I can't smile looking at it because the complete mess my niece does to it. I have to clear up anything, put anything on the place, when I can't find some important things, I cried. I swear, I cried. I cried twice when I can't find my dotting tools and when I thought I lost many other things which was put somewhere by my sister. I was really mad, but I just can't be mad to my niece, she's just little girl and I know that she thinks my studio is a nice place to visit and fun place to play -_____________-

4.02 am in the morning, but not yet sleepy, or I may be sleepy but I don't feel like going to bed. I' signing out now.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

NOTD: Love Love Love

I love these nails, really! I love these LOVE nails :)
They're just too lovely.

Saturday, August 24

Life Starts Here

Bonjour from somewhere I'm living in!

I learned the word Internship when I was at UPT Bahasa with Miss Yulia and Miss Lya. I didn't know when I would use the word, but I keep it in mind because I think it will be useful someday. And Taa-daa! It really is useful now, not long after I knew tat word.

Started from last Wednesday I lived somewhere on the earth with strangers. I'm on internship activity with 13 strangers who I just knew like in less than one month, in some clueless meetings which I rarely attended, and we were randomly put in one list. One of those strangers was a classmate of mine when I was in A class.   So, among the strangers, she's the one I know pretty well.

Really, staying in a house full of strangers for 8 weeks is a big deal. Everyone is like coming from different education background. Everything is just really shocking, yet surprising. Somehow, I feel like having a new crazy family full of girls who scream endlessly and boys who mess crazily.

This is maybe too early to judge how the condition will be, but I do wish everything runs well and smoothly. I do wish that every program we've planned done and everyone happy with the result. I know that problems will raise and stir people's emotion in this house.

Among the strangers, there are 2 men who we consider as our big brothers. It doesn't mean that they are much older than most of the members of the house. They are just much more mature than most of us here. One works as a police officer and one works in Pertamina. Both of the are really supporting our logistic. Lack of logistics? I wish never will.

Photos of the internship activities uploaded soon. I haven't transferred them from my phone and camera.

Anyway, I'm going to tell about myself in the condition. Everytime I do house chores here, I just scream this sentence deep inside my heart, "MOM, YOU HAVE TO SEE ME DO THIS!!!!!!!!"

I claim myself lazy and blah blah. Say, I'm not a good girl, daughter, human being, anything; when it comes to doing house chores and thingies. I swear my mom will be crying for happiness to see do house chores. Today, I cleaned up the refrigerator with two young ladies here when others were having survey for our project which will be effectively started next week (I do hope so!). I washed the dishes. Things and things.

Once during TEFL performance in Miss Anin's class, she asked my group who never do house thingies and she wanted we answered honestly. She knew very well that I really was, am, not into that. In my group which consisted of like 5 or 6 girls and 1 boy, it was only me, the girl who never do that and yeas, the only boy in my group didn't do that as well -________-

Mom, you have to see me do that! You have to see me do this! I'm growing up, mom!!! :)

Other stories come up soon when I have more time to write. I write this spontaneously with no plan. Anyway, I am back to my old habit to stay awake all night. Moreover, in the night, those who like to stay awake provided glasses of coffee. Feels like heaven, no?

I am using stranger's laptop because mine is now used by another stranger to watch movies. Laptops are publicly owned here :D

At lat I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

Saturday, August 17

Menua. Lebih baik kah?

Selamat ulang tahun Indonesia! Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia yang ke 68! Jaya Terus Indonesiaku! Merdeka!!!


Akhirnya saya nulis yang gini-ginian lagi. Entah apa jadinya tulisan saya yang satu ini. Tulisan pendek yang semrawut kah? Atau long wordy post? no idea and no decision yet.

Sumpah deh, yang ada di otak saya daritadi baca-baca status orang di Facebook, dengerin pidato pak RT/RW di malem tasyakuran, nonton iklan-iklan di TV, sama menanggapi bagian diri saya yang juga menyelamati Indonesia yang hari ini udah merdeka-merdekaan 68 kali; bagian diri saya yang lain berpikir miris.

Indonesia itu yang mana? Sebelah mana? Indonesia itu yang kayak apa? Yang kesulitan makan dan hidup di balik kardus kah? Yang tidak cukup mendapatkan pendidikan di perbatasan kah? Yang enak goyang-goyang kaki di atas kursi dan di ruangan ber-AC? Yang kalo perawatan ke salon masuk TV kah? Yang senggol dikit langsung bacok? Yang ngandelin tampang biar bisa nyebur ke lahan orang lain? Yang berpanas-panas ria biar bisa makan? Yang buka-bukaan biar dikata rajin nyari nafkah?

Ah, bingung jawabnya! Am I part of Indonesia? I think so. Is there any places in Indonesia for someone like me? We'll see.

It's just, I don't why I hate to love you and I love to hate you. But, it's a must to love and hate at the same time. Loving you is like loving someone you love the most, but this person loves to hurt you in any ways. That's our relationship. Yes, you are Indonesia.

I hate to think much and write about heavy topic. But another me loves this kinda topic. I've decided to write short and random one.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

Saturday, August 10

THOUGHT: Professionalism

I know it's kinda hard firstly to write this and might hurt some people who read this (act like this blog has thousand readers lol). I'm pretty sure if those people read this, they will got offended by my words.

I'm now doing nail art thingies, just I always said that I'll do it seriously and I'm very much into it. I do learn, design, research, and I am inspired by others. That was when I just learned about nail art. But when I think myself leveled up, I try to look at anything which can inspire me. I mostly take pictures of cute stuff, fabric patterns, strips, dots, anything stimulates my creativity. When I'm stuck, then I'll google to find one I want. There are techniques to diligently learned. And I'm in my own world.

Last year, I bought camera to support my activities with nail art thingies, take my masterpieces, and show the world. It takes really forever when I have a lot fake nails sets to shoot, edit the photos, watermark, and upload. I put efforts to do anything. And yes, I love it. I love every step to finish up my collections til the time I show them on Facebook and Twitter. All I do is because I want to show my very own work, not things belong to others.

Doing research is a must when starting business. Yes, I do research on my competitors. Well say, I stalk on them. I'm curious to know how well they do it, how nice their designs, the way they promote whether it is effective or not, the rice in the market thus I can set mine and make people buy my product. Yes, I'm new in this kind of world. I'm beginner who learn from those advance sellers. I basically learn from any kind of online shop. I observe how they take care of the customers, discount they give, sale stuff. I learn mucho. Thanks to internet.

I have seen tons of nail art designs. Well, because of internet as well, sometime I get irritated when I do research and see this annoying stuff quite often. I'm not sure it's wise to use others' work and introduce it as theirs. I know everything is a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy. But this? Is it legal? Is it just me who get irritated for thing like this or any of you have the same feelings like? I'm not talking about fashion business, clothes or shoes, or anything. Here I am talking about Nail LIFE. Showing the real works for me is more realtime.

Here I talk about myself and my baby Velvet. Before I set the price, I consult like everyone in my house whether it is reasonable or not to make people cost some of their money on me. I don't set the price as I wish to get the highest profit. Something more important than that is making people loyal to my product. I don't want to let them down because they spend some money on me. I want them love my product and back to me. I want my business last long. I want this lasts forever and become legacy for my children :D

I see sellers who set unreasonable price. Frankly speaking, I compare my designs with others, even those advance ones. All I can say is that I do pretty good, neatly *compliment myself, pardon me*
When I see somebody sell the same things as I do, I compare how neat they do or how mess the designs are. It's just nature for seller to compare and give compliment to themselves. But, when I see those uneven display pictures; I don't talk about picture quality although yes, it takes important part in displaying stuff; I'm talking about the designs themselves. If I were the customer, I wouldn't spend my money on them.

I can say that I'm an amateurish professional. I set myself from my first step to be professional. I'm on my way.

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At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

Wednesday, July 17


"LIFE is about to deal with the bitch, jerk, bureaucrat, and drama person"
I do drama, on the stage, well, not exactly on the stage. I direct people. Once the drama is done, then done. I don't direct anybody else, but myself.

People say that life is a stage; to act, to hide, to disguise, to be honest, to be pretentious. Indeed. The statement does influence everyone. You may buy thousand masks to cover your face. But there is always seconds to look in your real face when you change your precious mask with another new mask you just bought.

This may be another random post, as I always do. I write when I don't feel good. Problems popped up lately. I won't tell you what, I just want to tell what I learn from these ones come up.

Somehow I believe in it. For me personally, I never wish people to see me with my problems, some may care, some others won't care, and many of them may be glad.

Talking about bitch, jerk, bureaucrat, and drama person. That's life for me. Actually there are sides of life which are much more interesting to talk about. But now, let me tell you the things catch my attention lately.

I should be the black sheep in my home. I believe that every family has a black sheep, although sometime they keep denying that they treat the children in the same way. In my family, it's not that they treat me inappropriately. It's more that I have different point of view about anything since I am influenced by so many things. This is what they are not able to figure out.

To be honest, I'm very much affected by culture of my target language. Not only literature, but culture. I might learn about how to say thank you since I was kid. Here, parents teach their kids to say thank you mostly when the kids are given something by someone. But then I learn that thank you is not only about it. I learn four magic words (thank you, excuse me, please, sorry) not from my parents. Maybe yes, but just like some kind of surface structures I learn in Psycholinguistics, they teach the words in surface structure, but they mean nothing, just happen to say it. In the name of politeness, but, meaningless. I now try to practice deep structure of life. Why should I say thank you? When should I say thank you? The most important one, do I sincerely say it? Do I mean it? Do I?

When I say something, but deep inside my heart I don't mean it, I feel like I'm a bitch who hides behind her words. In this country, politeness are over anything, even honesty. You should be polite, so people will love you. Smile here and there, show that you are friendly. Is it needed?

People will love you, even when you're not smiling here and there, but be yourself. It's better to be hated for how you are than loved for the mask you wear.

I deal with bitch and jerk. I deal with bureaucrat. I do. I deal with those who love to see people worship on the ground for them. Sometime I act, I wear my mask. I don't own many, just some for certain occasion, the special ones. Since I can't help to wear mask in a while, I don't spend much of my time with them. Being with them are tiring, I give up. I typically live free, on the edge sometime. Living behind the mask is tiring, sweaty, and not so challenging. I think that's why I'm not willing to be what they want to see me be. Not to be happy. They may say they want to see me happy. Do they? I question a lot just to get the answer of that simple question. They want to see me be someone else, and I'm very much not into it. In particular occasion, I think my parents are typically bureaucrat. I mean it.

You might think that I'm not a good daughter. Then I would think that you don't understand me, never will. I'm just not into stage and act, whether good or bad. I'm antagonist in my real life. If there is protagonist, then I'll defeat the protagonist, I torture him.

But sometime there are people who are hard to torture. Although I'm antagonist, these kind of people are gods and goddesses of antagonist. I'm junior one. The gods and goddesses tortures juniors til finally the juniors merge with the protagonists to defeat the gods and goddesses of antagonists world.

Really drama. Perhaps they forget that they are not on the stage anymore. Perhaps the character just vivified too much til they forget who they are. Forget it.

I just, find people who love to see others tortured and I hate these people. I'm sure they forget that they are just ordinary ones. Yes, human. We're the same. But yes, you were born first, have more experiences, and major digits. It doesn't make you can treat people as you wish, as you please.

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Saturday, June 29

Comeback Post

Man, how long I abandoned this blog?????? I can see spider webs everywhere!!! Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

So sorry for being too busy in my lives withing life. Actually I wanted to post things, really a lot of things. I think I should make lists of them. I didn't blog for about . . well, don't know exactly. But my last post was on March. So, practically I disappeared for 3 months. Real life was really tempting to stay lately. I know eerything I'd write will seem like I'm making excuses. Although I do.

(In real life) Some times thought to write things suddenly crossed on my mind. I would definitely love to write anything. If you've been reading this blog for quite some time, you'll know that even sometime when I really want to write, I just made some random posts that I myself didn't know what I wrote about. When I saw things, I told myself that I would write it and share through my blog. But then, stuff killed the thought and I ended up abandoned you again.and again. Yeah, I'm the one to blame.

If you are asking (I doubt none) what I'm doing now, I do a lot. I'm starting to focus on Velvet by making an account of it on Twitter and will make some more on some forums. This afternoon I got a message from someone asking about the fake nails and I just replied it minutes ago since I just checked my business phone tonight. I was just home this afternoon from a sweet escape with my classmates as the closing of our drama project and pre-wedding photo of our main characters, Joey and Patsy. Photos coming sooooooooooooon.

Beside Velvet, the thing I'm doing right now, really right now is translating international journal. My accountancy teacher sent me messages asking for help to translate the journal. Really, I don't understand the language, super mega complicated!!! If it were casual written text, I can really do it quickly. But this one is really out of expectation.

Anyway, I count this one as a comeback post, say this one is random.

Wah, I feel the goosebumps everytime I replied message from my clients. The sensation of talking to strangers who are interested in my works is unexplained. I don't know what to describe. I just can say that I feel the goosebumps.

Here is Velvet's Twitter and this is Velvet's Facebook. Check my works and order some when you have time *wink*

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.
Stay awesome, fellas !

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Monday, March 25

Masterpiece !

How excited I am that finally I made my very first masterpiece! It was like I waited for the box I've ordered days ago and it was really not even disappointing me. I love it, indeed!

I'm showing you guys something, this is my masterpiece!

They are really lovely and for this time I don't even think pink is suck, it's sweet instead. Ah, I have to admit it now that on that fake nails, pink looks really sweet and I love it! But I won't say pink is sweet or so for other things. I use pink a lot on my designs because girls love the color. So, do you think what I can do? Say no? noooooooo. Getting along with pink very well, but I won't say I love pink. I'm not a fan of pink, but this time I have to say it fits really well on my design.

Sorry for the last photo I just want to make sure that it fits my nails because it's handmade and it was made with my nails measurement. Fake nails anyone?

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You can simply click here or visit Velvet's blog.
At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

Sunday, March 24

Move Along

Asli loh, saya nggak pernah buka lapak dan se-emosi ini. Bahkan saya lebih emosi daripada waktu kutek jualan saya diambil orang gila tepat di depan mata saya, now it's even more more than pas ada orang gila ke lapak saya. Iya, lapak saya dua kali didatengin orang gila. Dahsyat kan?? Saya nggak tau daya tarik apa yang ada sama lapak saya sampe orang gila pun suka sama lapak saya.

Saya udah 6 bulan buka lapak, 6 bulan nail art-nail art-an. Baru kali ini saya ngerasa keseeeeeeeeeeeeell banget dan saya sangat sangat sangat berharap nggak bersentuhan dengan ibu-ibu yang lapaknya ada di depan saya. Kesel! Sumpah!

Entah kenapa saya selalu merasa sulit untuk berhadapan dengan ibu-ibu. Mulai dari ibu-ibu yang nganterin anaknya nail art di lapak saya atau ibu-ibu yang beli kutek atau ibu-ibu yang mau nail art. Mereka itu buat saya kayak serigala yang bakal nawar dengan kemungkinan harga terendah. Karena, emang gitu kenyataannya! Sori pake tanda (!) berkali-kali, soalnya emang beneran kesel.

Ibu yang lapaknya di depan saya tadi anaknya minta dikutekin. Oke, I did my best. I always do. Karena saya pengen yang dateng ke lapak saya nggak ngerasa kecewa sama hasil kerja saya. Masalahnya adalah anda nggak bisa menghargai hasil kerja saya. Anda mau saya beli di tempat anda, saya bawa pulang barangnya, tapi saya bayar terserah saya? Nggak mau kan? Nggak suka kan?

Itu yang saya rasain dan itu yang terjadi di kasus saya sekarang. You do yourself! And I'll pay you the same amount of money you paid me and you'll know how not easy doing it.

Ibu-ibu: pira mba?
V: $$$ bu
Ibu-ibu: larang nemen?
V: :)

itu sama sekali nggak mahal bu kalo pengen tau yah itu di bawah standar banget! semena-mena amat sih! mentang-mentang saya muda dan anda tua? bangga ya tua??? orang tua kalo nggak bisa menghargai yang muda ya jangan protes kalo yang muda nggak bisa menghormati yang tua~

Ada lagi ibu-ibu yang dateng ke lapak saya nawar kutek dagangan saya kayak apaan banget. Udah gitu nggak beli tapi nyobain kutek dagangan saya. Saya jengah sama orang-orang model begini, sumpah! kayaknya percuma tenaga saya dihabisin buat ngeladenin orang kayak gini. mending saya respon seperlunya dan nggak peduliin.

Setiap kali saya mau ngamuk, mau judesin orang yang dateng ke lapak saya, saya selalu bilang saya diri saya sendiri, "Vel, you're not in position to act that way"
Bukan posisinya untuk saya judesin orang, teriakin orang, marahin orang. saya bisa seperti itu, tapi saya males ribut, tau sendiri lah mulut ibu-ibu.

saya nggak pernah merasa down kayak sekarang. bukan karena saya putus asa, tapi lebih ke jengah sama segelintir orang yang kayak mereka, ngejajah anak muda kayak saya :(

saya mendingan ngadepin anak SMA, even anak SD deh. Sumpah!
mereka bikin mood saya berantakan.

Masya Allah, paringana sabarrrrrrr

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At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.