Tuesday, December 22

She's God's Miracle

Aku nggak tau apa yang harus aku tulis sekarang. Yang aku tau, ini pagi buta dan aku belum bisa memejamkan mata.

It's December 22, Mother's Day Event.

Mother, a very simple word. But need million words to explain what the meaning is. Mother, an unreplaceable thing.

She's the one who can forgive every mistake I did

She's the one who can know me more than anyone in my entire life

She's the one whom I want to be proud

She's the one who can see what I really am

She's the one who always cry for me even I don't ask

She's the one who always smile for me even I don't ask

She's the one who can feel what I feel deeper than I felt

She's an angel whom sent to me

..She's a miracle..


..Selamat Hari Ibu, Umi..

I really wanna hear you say, "I'm proud of you, dear.."
And you've done it for me

Although sometime we have conflict, but it didn't make us get further. It made us get closer and closer and know what other thought and felt

Satu hal yang sampe saat ini belum bisa aku lakuin buat umi adalah..., ngomong bahasa inggris kayak pas lomba. Aku terlalu malu pada umiku sendiri.. Sangat sepele dan menggelitik. Hahaha, bodo kamu vel!

Mom, I really love you

You're the one who won my heart, Christian Bautista said..

Selamat malam semua.. Maaf kalo Bahasa Inggrisnya ajaib.. Selamat Hari Mother..

Jaga Mother kalian lebih dari kalian menjaga diri sendiri.., hope every son or daughter could do it.. :)

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog

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