Thursday, June 3

Blood Donor Report

Oke, just like I promised you my previous post. Maybe you can guess it from the pic above. It’s my special uploaded pictures when I had blood donor in PMI last Sunday. This pics taken candid. So, it’s not clear enough, problem pics.

Gambar itu diambil setelah darah aku diambil buat ngecek Hb. Yang ditusuk jari tengah tangan kanan

Then I was in bed. Ready to go!

Ini dia, petugas PMI favorit, ibunya Dina. Asik kalo pas donor ngobrol sama Tante.

Hyaaaaaa, nggak kerasa loh pas darah diambil. It’s so fun!

Ini pas selangnya udah dipotong. Finished!

See something on the table? That’s my blood pocket. ^^

I took that pic when I was lying in the bed.

Taa-Daa! Kelar deh. My right hand after donor. Ada plesternya.

My right hand and my PMI card.

Abis donor, nonton tivi sambil minum susu. Dapet cake juga.
Those are a glass of milk, my phone case, tv remote, and my PMI card.
Ehm, last pic. I took that pic before leaving PMI. Hoho, I was lying there.
Hoho, I think that’s all my report about blood donor in PMI UTDC Tegal. I’ll donor again next August.

p.s: if you need blood donor, just call me. mr. Dracula, you need blood? XD

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blood. Oops! Intewesting Blog. Hehe

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