Saturday, June 12

Bye Bye 17

About 90 minutes to be 18. Idk what should be written. I just wanna write, not more.

Tonight I spent with my sist and her bf. We ate bubur ayam, pizza, and ice cream. This afternoon I spent with the oldest sister and ichan -my nephew-. Fortunately, I saved much money today. Thanks God.

well, enough for the intro. Talk about age. New age. I still not comfort to write 18 and admit I'm 18 y.o now -hour remain- .

Seventeen. This age gave me much experiences. Its sensation made me became a teenager with great passion to break any rules in my life. I wanna be free. Be 17y.o girl made me think I could handle anything in my life. But actually I could not.

Be 17y.o girl made me wanted to be known. I thought everyone must understand me. But I didn't wanna understand them.

Be 17y.o girl made me wanted try new things. Anything and anything, til I know there's no stop if I always do what I want.

Be 17y.o girl made me think I could be as selfish as I want, because I have a very simple reason.

The reason was because I AM 17.

But 85 minutes later I'm gonna say, Because I was 17. And I'll try to be better in 18.

Decrease selfish decrease bad tempered decrease moody dercrease any bad habits and change it into good habits. Kill devils inside and be an angel.

It's a long long journey till I know where I'm supposed to be
It's a long long journey till I know if I can believe
When shadows fall and block my eyes
And I'm lost to know that I must hide

Be 17y.o girl was a challenge. And I've done it. Every challenge I did. Every risk I took. Every smile in my lip and every tear I cry gave me strength to face the day.

Happiness is my fate, your fate. Everyone could be happy if they want it, if they believe it. And I believe, I'll be happy more than anyone else with my own way. I'll be happy with God blesses and people who love by my side.

Thanks much for people around me who treat me patiently when I was 17. It's not easy, I know.

Goodbye 17, welcome 18. -gak ikhlas banget nulisnya-

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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