Saturday, June 19

Bye Bye Grey

Bye bye grey, dedicated for me and you, everyone graduated this year. Maybe it's not important, as always. I just wanna flash back.

Today I went to semarang. On the way to train station, I saw my school. Is it ok to call it 'my school'? I think I'm not a part of it anymore from now on. There will be the new one replace me and my other friends.

Last year, I also got my report book and felt happy-worry then. Happy caused being 12 grade student and worry to face final exam. But that's ok, chill out and anything will be fine and fun.

White-grey phase.

Last night I read sensei meto's wall mami mukti. Then I didn't know why I cried, again. Oh, why am I so sensitive? As usual I cried, remembering the way she supported me, encourage me. She's my companion in army. I'm missing mami mukti, mami arief, and mami indri. I go with no permission from them. I'm being busy look for university, test, go away from tegal. But inside I feel miss them. I do miss them. *kan, nulis gini mau nangis lagi! :(*

My mommies, I miss you, a lot!

Congratulation for the new 12 grade. Welcome to the jungle!

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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