Thursday, June 3


It sounds so simple but has big impacts in human life. People can’t live without dreams, because every time people build a new dream. Everyone doesn’t wanna miss this, because they know what this is.

What dreams are made of?

Dreams are people’s passion. There’s no life without dreams. Passion makes people life more colorful. People try their best to reach their dreams.

Dreams are challenge. People are challenged to reach their dreams no matter how, they have to. They have to, not they must. So, it’s likely that they can’t reach it. 

For me my, myself and I, Dream means:

Drugs: dreams are drug in my life. It makes anything better. I feel better when I’m dreaming. And I can be human because I build new dreams every second.

Reach: Reach my dream or not. I’m happy because I can dream. I’m happy when I have different dream. I’m happy when people appreciate my dream. And I get spirit to reach it when my parents bless my dream. When I get it, it means God blesses me too. I don’t like force my parents and God.

Effect: Dreams bring much effect in my life direct and indirect. New dream new hope new challenge new way to get that.

Anticipation: Anticipation not Antisipasi. Why anticipation must be translated as “Antisipasi”? I hate that word. It sounds like someone who always thinks negatively. In my opinion, “Antisipasi” seems like someone who has thousands card up sleeve. For me, Anticipation is kinda waiting for due to the time. The right time when your dream becomes reality and is so much more beautiful. Remember, God doesn’t like to be forced.

Mercy: there’s no dream comes true without God’s mercy. That’s it. Pray to God frequently.

When people open their eyes, see reality, and everything get into a mess. They will close their eyes to dream, hope everything is going better. In their dream, anything can be controlled like they want.

Something makes reality is more real is the problem, sea of trouble. But not everybody realizes it. When people live in reality, they can dream anything they want and made every effort to make it true. But, when people live in dreamland, it will be so hard for them to face the reality, because they commonly dreaming and control anything to go as good as they want.

Happiness is not a mystery. It can be our fate if we want it.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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