Sunday, June 13

First Day

Wow, I'm 18 now :(

I started day watching England match. I slept at about 3am, overslept actually.

Terus Umi bangunin aku jam 7.30, sekalian mau ngucapin selamet. Tapi karena aku masih ngantuk naudzubillah.., jadi...

Pas umi bangunin aku, malah ta tendang-tendang gitu sambil teriak, "ngantukngantukngantukngantukngantuk!!"
Usually I wake up at 9am, almost everyday. Jadi agak ngamuk pas dibangunin kepagian gitu.

Abis itu bantuin umi dikit-dikit, umi ada pesenan jajan gitu. Then at 9am, I took a bath and went to Sananta. I've made an appoinment with Miss Molla, accompanied her, broadcasting.

I met 3 guys there. Today's topic was SOCCER, love it!

Oh btw, the first one sent me message was Yuannisa. The second one was Adam. Yesterday was Adam's birthday, I sent message to him last nite. Then hours later, he sent me back birthday message.

In june, there were many people born. There are more than 10 friends birthday this month. Adam, me, mizan, sigun, ayuni, mba an, mba asti, mba marni, lampard, velayati, tia, fina. Wow!

I want Lampard as my birthday gift. Huhu...

Btw, Umi made me a blackforest. Who wants it? Come to my house, I'll share with you!

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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