Saturday, June 12

Kindhearted Driver

Weeks ago I took public transportation and found a very very kind driver. His face actually not too friendly, but inside, friendly is not enough to describe him.

Ok, just like my previous post, I promised to write lists about his kindness.

- I didn't decide to take public transportation actually. But he waited patiently until I decided to take it.

- He drove a man to train station, but he could not pay any money. He was ok with that.

- Well, actually I didn't pay the money full. It cost was IDR 3000 but I just paid about 2600 or 2800. It was least money left in my purse. I would use the red one, but he didn't have money charge. So I just paid about 2600 or 2800, sak receh-recehe jumlahnya segitu. Dikasi duit gede, gada kembaliannya -,-

I wanna meet him. Pengen nyaur utang. Walo cuma segitu loh ya, tapi cerita yang ngiringin itu mbekas banget.

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