Wednesday, June 30


I'm not gonna talk about 'Nocturnal', a poem by Chairil Anwar. I wanna talk about my night life. Wowo wait, I'm not going to such place which is opened in the night. I'm just here, in my cozy-messy bed and stay alive with this insomnia disease.

I'm waiting for Spain, David Villa, Fabregas, wohoooo!
And I'm hungry.

Nothing to do. Just blogging and write this unimportant post. I don't care. All I know is I'm too boring wait for Spain. God, please don't let me close my eyes and go to dreamland.

Usually my insomnia disease exist until 2-3am. But I hope tonight until 5am. Hahaha! Then I can hibernate tomorrow.

I just realized that today is the last day in June and I wrote much this month. My sense of writing asked me to write more and more. Everytime I feel happy, sad, disappointed, confuse, anytime. So sorry if at least some posts are so unimportant.

Oh ya, everynight I listen to kinda melo songs. In my playlist there are Hurt, Journey, My Tears, Close to You, Disguise, and some other oldish songs. It relaxes me. Now is I believe you-il divo feat celine dion. Love this song from the first time I listened it 4 years ago. Celine's voice is so awesome.

So, my night life is spent listen to the music mostly, watch movie sometime, writing, designing. Because my brain get better in the night. And watch football match 3 weeks lately.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog

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