Monday, June 28


Last night I wrote “Deeply S.A.D and got some comments on facebook. I attached my blog to facebook in order that people can read it and give some comments.

Unfortunately I got comments from supporter of Germany. And ya, of course they are so so so happy then. And I am getting more disappointed. And this post I wanna explode my anger, sadness, disappointment.

Ok. Some people think that even if Lampard’s goal was not annulled, England still would lose the game. And that was their thought, not mine. But I believe, if Lampard’s goal was legal, England still could stand fire.

Contoh gampangnya gini aja deh. Kakakku ngebeliin nasi goring pedes banget buat aku, padahal dia tahu aku nggak suka pedes. Ada dua hal yang bisa aku lakuin. Makan itu nasi yang pada akhirnya nyiksa aku sendiri karena kepedesan atau aku berjuang nyari makanan sendiri walaupun pada akhirnya nggak menemukan dan makan itu nasi juga. Walaupun hasil akhirnya sama-sama makan, tapi prosesnya beda.

Begitu juga dengan Inggris tadi malem. Sama sekali nggak bisa dipastikan, bahkan kalo gol Lampard disahkan, jerman bakal tetep menang. No, it’s not. Hey, ball is round!

Setidaknya kalaupun hasil akhirnya tetep pahit atau pedes atau rasa nggak enak lain, nggak dengan cara seperti tadi malam, membodohi mata dunia, hey bapak wasit dan hey kalian. Sakit hati? Ya, nggak mungkin nggak. Inggris bisa jadi tetep kalah walaupun gol Lampard disahkan, tapi setidaknya Inggris udah berusaha nyari jalan lain biar menang. Just like me, eat the fried rice or not even the result I have to eat it and feel the bitter spicy. The positive is I had looked for another options. Nggak dengan serta merta kakakku njejelin tuh nasi pedes ke aku, kan? Mau nggak mau harus makan!? Gitu? itu ngeracun namanya. Wasit tadi malem tuh racun! Uh!

Look, the result is the same; I have to eat the spicy rice. But the way is different. At least I have struggled to pass that spicy. So did England. Aku harap pada mudeng sama perumpamaannya lah. Nggak mudeng ya sukur.

Life is unpredictable, so is the match. Semua nggak akan berbuntut panjang kalo aja kejadiannya nggak sekontroversial tadi malem. The world saw it.

Just like a little girl who is crestfallen when somebody disappointed her, I believe England too, I believe Lampard too, I believe myself too. Just like a girl who sees a skullduggery happened front of her and its belonging to her. She’ll lose her spirit and be apathetic. So did England, lost the spirit and let it flow whatever they do, whatever you do.

Well, I think I wrote too much. But whatever, sometime be apathetic is the best way to escape the criticism. Just congratulation to Germany and thanks to Mr. Referee, you are too ‘awesome’. Why don’t just be an artist and you can defeat other controversial artists?

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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