Thursday, June 3

Tik Tok

Time goes faster, faster than I can imagine. 10 days to go and I’ll be 18. But I’m not ready yet, I admit it. I’m not ready to be 18. I’m not ready for new age and new responsibility. I wanna be teenager in my lifetime.

Be teenager is the most beautiful gift in my life. God made it so meaningful and makes everyone misses it when they get older, me too. Nothing can replace it. Nothing is same like teenage. Nothing.

And I need extra time to be teenager. I wanna be teenager, longer than anyone else.

18 sound so old for me. And how about 20, 40, 70? It sounds expired age. Lol

Will I get older as soon as the sunrise and the sunset?

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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