Saturday, June 12


Quiet busy day, not too busy, not too lazy. I visited 6 places in 1 hour, bought this and that, went here and there.

Today went to beauty center, jhony cosmetic, mini market, traditional market, fish market also. Haha, went to many markets.

When I was in traditional market, I heard funny conversation. I wanted to laugh at that time, but I would not front of them.

Ok. Two men were talking about last night match between South Africa and Mexico. The one is pedicab driver and the other one is unemployment -I think-. And the match result was 1-1.

The pedicab driver said that he was bored with the match caused it was not worth enough to be watched. The match was too flat, he thought. The unemployment man said he enjoyed the match.

When talked about the goal, the unemployment man said mexico won the match. Then the driver said no. There was debate between them. Suddenly the driver said that mexico's goal was UPSET. So, the unemployment man corrected OPSET not UPSET.

Haha, I really wanted to correct them both. Not UPSET or OPSET, but Offside.

Pengen ngakak dah. Offside bisa jadi upset tu gimana ceritanya?

Honestly, saat ke tempat-tempat yang lebih merakyat, aku lebih bisa menemukan banyak hal untuk diceritakan. Kadang bisa yang aneh banget, lucu, konyol, unpredictable, sampe yang touching.
Pas naik angkot setelah 2 taun gak pernah naik, I found a kindhearted driver. Sumpah, kindheartednya kayak gimana ntar ta bikin list-nya deh di next post. Nah sekarang, main di pasar, ketemu Mr. Upset. Haha, much stories. Main kemana lagi ya ntar? Any idea? Where I have to go to find inspirable or funny story? Any advices?

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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