Friday, June 25

Extreme Comments

Well yeah, I’m back again. This post, I’m gonna tell about many extreme comments ever exist in my life. I don’t remember certain time and the date and the day. I just remember the event when the extreme comment happened and also the people who said those comment. These can be testimonial or real extreme things.

Ready? Wear your seatbelt and us ready to go! Take a breath and don’t be frightened out of with the comment.

Agent 1 : Muhammad Hadi Mizan

Place : KA Kaligung Bisnis

Time: Before Bakrie University Test

This one happened when I went to Semarang with Mizan for Bakrie University Test. He sat beside me. Then on the way he said that after looked my face lively, he agreed to someone’s opinion that my face likes a ‘Bule’.

He said, “Bener kata X yah. Barang ta liat-liat mukanya kamu kayak Bule”

Oh gosh. What did I do then? I laughed, of course.

Never imagine somebody will say that to me. it sounds ridiculous. Even till today I still look in the mirror and do not know what part of my face made people thought so.

Then I wrote status on facebook that someone said that my face looked like Bule. Three persons liked it, they are Susan, Lucky, and Mizan -_-. Which part made you think so, people? Tell me! I’ve tried to find out but still at a dead lock.

Agent 2: Mrs. Mukti Wigati

Place : By Messages

Time: Days before Public Speaking Deadline

I send her message asked for information about great young people who changed the world. Minutes later she replied my message and the answer was so shock me up. I laughed when reading her message.

She answered that great youngster were Vely, Vely’s sister, Vely’s bf. Then I explained that this one for my public speaking paper material. Then she replied my messages with no jokes. Haha, it was extreme for me.

“Mih, pemuda-pemuda yang bawa pengaruh besar di dunia sapa aja?” more or less that was my message.

“Ya Vely, kakaknya Vely, pacarnya Vely” she replied -_-

“Bukan… Ini buat bahan lomba, Mih”

“Napoleon Bonaparte, Soekarno pas bikin PNI”

Then, bla bla bla

Agent 3 : Veliati

Place : Anjungan High School 1 Tegal

Time : Free time – Teachers were meeting

I felt boring to the max at that time. Just walked around the school, spent money for snacks, chit chat, and daydreamed, unexplainable acts. I was with Ayuni sat on a sofa beside the upstairs.

My sub consciousness asked me to say that sentence. I said, I won’t ask my children to go school, because it will waste their time. The teachers will have meeting all day and let the student enjoy more free time without any advantage things to do. Then I correct my words when I had awakened. I said I will send them to school if they ask me to or I will give them private school such as homeschooling or internet school. So, I can clamp down on them and there’s no wasting time.

Agent 4: Noviani Rindar Pradanti (Pep)

Place : By Message

Time : When I planned to adopt a cat

I was offered to adopt a cat months ago by my sister. But my parents refused because they were afraid of cytoplasm on cats.

Before my parents refused, I had prepared some common goods such cat food. I asked Pep about cat food price -whiskas-, but she didn’t know. You know what, she guessed I will eat cat food because I had been boring with human food. Oh my.

“Ndul, harga whiskas berapa?”

“Nggak tau penk. Emang buat apa?”

“Buat kucing lah”

“Oh, kirain buat kamu”

“Enak aja, kayak kekurangan makan aja sampe makan makanan kucing”

“Ya barangkali udah bosen sama makanan manusia”

Agent 5 : Umi

Place : Dinning room

Time : Do not remember

I pour something to a bowl, and then she came on me. She said that I can be hyperactive when I smell out food scent. Then I answer, “Yes, I can nose out food scent anywhere in this house”

“Mba Veli yang hyperactive pasti langsung bereaksi kalo ada bau makanan” she said

“Iyalah. Aku kan bisa ngelacak makanan dimanapun di rumah ini” I answered calmly B-)

Ok. Those are some extreme comments in my life. It can be extreme for me, but maybe not for you. Whatever, you decide, I just write.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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