Sunday, June 6

With U, Mi...

Wow! I'm back! And today was so happy. I spent much time with my Umi. Laughed, gossip, discuss many things, share, did such stupid things. Lol

We watched Garfield in my room. Then she did a very funny act. She dubbed a cat's voice when volume had been mute. Then I also did the same, I dubbed Garfield's voice. We talk in tegal language. Lol
We laughed out of control and it disturbed my sisters. Whatever.

Btw, a cat next to garfield's pen looked like Bruno -my cat to be- with grey and white fur, fatty cat. Oh my, pity me. I can't adopt him. Coz my parents didn't allow me. They were afraid of tokso and sitoplasma. But, still love Bruno. Hug hug bruno :(

After sunset prayer, we did the same things with no dubbed in the terrace. I love spending time with Umi. Love to chat with her, share anything, gossip bout you, her, him, them. Haha!

Love Umi! :*

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog

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