Friday, June 25


Blogger addicted, yes I am. Blogging is my life, just like dreaming and writing. I love blogging. Since I know this thing called blog, I felt alive. I felt alive, but feel more when can write something in my blog. Anything, you, I wanna share with you. I don’t really care people like my blog or not, because in fact I write anything for myself, to complete an empty space in my life. And if people like what I’ve been written here, that’s the reward.

Writing makes me feel stronger. I don’t know what bring that influences to my day, but I suggest my life so. If it’s possible, I want blogging anytime, sit front of my laptop everyday. But sorry, it’s not possible. I have to present in the real world, too. I can’t live in virtual world, always.

I’ve shared many things, more than many. It’s too much I shared even rubbish and unimportant things. But I feel happy then after writing, whether people understand or not. I don’t care.

I think about this one, rather frequently. What will I do to this blog years’ future?

Next 10 years,

I’ll share about my working life. Meet many new people in work place. Maybe I’ll be entrepreneur like my parents or be an employee or maybe businesswoman? Who knows?

I’ll tell you about how hard earn money. I’ll share about competition in my working world. Defeat my rivals, or maybe be defeated.

Have serious relationship with a man, engaged to somebody, plan to have great wedding ceremony, many children.

I said, those are just an “IF

Next 20 years,

I’ll tell you about my family, my own family where I’ve been a wife of a man and a mother of children. I’ll share about my corner son or my magpie daughter, be good mother or the way treats my family.

I’ll share stories of my house hold conflict, and then we solve it peacefully. Laugh at my children; hold them in my arms when they are crying, make my hubby morning coffee before going to the office.

Never let the world hurt them. I’ll protect my family.

And I say, “Just an IF

Next 30 years,

See my children grow up. See them challenge the world. Then they find their mates, plan to marry, and go further from me. I’ll cry when see them marry, of course. I’ll be a mother and I don’t wanna be far away from them.

Then what will be written?

How happy I am seeing them happy. And how hurt I am seeing them get further from me.

And again, “Just an IF

Next 40 years,

If God still give me chances to be here, in the world, both virtual and real world. I’ll share about my hubby and me, only him and I. How we enjoy our life together quietly. And sometime our children come home and stay for days with their family. Then they go away, back to their own life.

So we will look for new activities, maybe belong to charity or other social activities. I’ll tell you how we meet other new people. How we share our life with them. How we miss our children, and how we miss our teenage.

And I just can say, “IF

Next 50 years,

I don’t know what will be written.

Maybe nothing

This blog will be a shambles. This blog will be eyes witness of my life steps, happy and sad. Conflict and I solved it sink or swim. This blog will show my entire life, completely.

Maybe everything

In my last lifetime, maybe I’ll write anything I want. More than anything has been written now. Some juicy secrets never been shared, maybe. Well, actually I don’t know what must be written, now. I can’t imagine it. This blog is one of best parts in my life. I will never ever find something like this in my real life. The only thing, always loyal.

Nothing left

And I say once more, “IF

What about you? Those are just a dream. I feel after writing this one. The one I know is this blog is my life. But my life is not only this blog *sigh.

At last I say, A Velly Intwesting Blog.

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