Thursday, June 17

Stress Out

Yesterday I wrote facebook status:

A: Velinya mana?
B: Oh, velinya mati dimakan soal
A: -,-

And now, I'm gonna continue the conversation. Actually wanna write this as facebook status again. But it will be more likely notes than status. So, write it here, in my own blog, where nobody comment like interupt protest, nothing. It's my own world. Hahahahaha *ketawa setan*


A: Velinya mana?
B: oh, velinya mati dimakan soal
A: Terus yang tadi ngerjain soal sapa?
B: Veli
A: Lho katanya mati?
B: Dimuntahin lagi sama soalnya
A: Kok bisa?
B: Daging orang stress ga enak
A: Hah???

I'm stressed out. SNMPTN drove me crazy. Help me pass this. Please God. I need it, something named 'UNIVERSITY'. I really do. Please.... :(

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog

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