Thursday, July 22

Happy Birthday Umi!

Today is Umi's birthday. Actually nothing special. There's no special celebration or else. Everything goes normally. But, nobody remembered her birthday except me. Pity her.

At 8, before my sister went work, I told her, remained her actually. Then we (me and my sisters) said happy birthday to her. So, she's 47 yo now. And I hope I can give her the best, make her happier, be the best daughter she ever has.

Unfortunately, this year I didn't give her anything. I have no money, my purse got flat as well. I just had goceng and spent it to buy pulse. Last year I gave her a clutch from Chanel. Uhm, sounds great. Yeah, it was great and branded. But Umi never wear it. She prefer bags or purse than clutch. Ok, later when I got my money back I hope I could buy her another branded bags or watch.

Oh ya, when we greet her birthday, she said that hope to see us be nice girls. Usually the birthday-er accepts many prayer, but now she prayed for her daughters. Not just now, I'm sure everytime she does. And everytime I pray to God, I want God to give her the best, best of the best.

Happy birthday Umi. Love you yesterday, now, tomorrow and forever. You're the best guardian angel God ever sent for me.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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