Friday, July 16


It's suck to pretend everything is gonna be alright. But in fact it's not at all.

It's suck to smile while cry inside.

It's suck to strenghten others while I need to be strenghten.

It's suck to explain things can't be explained by words.

It's suck to say Yes while No is the word I have to say.

It's suck to answer people's question while I do wanna forget thing they wanna know.

It's suck to trust others while I'm too often disappointed by them.

It's too hard to face the world when I feel I'm so nothing now.

It's not life I wanna be lived.
I wish I were a cat. When my life stucks in a mess, I could replace it with another eight lifes.

Whatsoever you're gonna say. In fact, I just wanna take myself away from my environment now.

This is the first time I do wanna live alone without anyone else, except my family.

This is the first time I don't wanna care of things happen around me.

This is the first time I blame myself for my life.

I feel staying in the lowest ground of my life. Even, I don't know what I'll be next 10 years. I have no fantasy.

Umi said that I have to keep dreaming although maybe I won't reach it. Because she believes that people can stay living because they keep dreaming. Yes, dreams make people's life technicolor. I have to.

But, this is the first time I wanna forget all my dreams and look for another simple one.
If you say I give up, yes, I give up. Then, what's the big deal!?

Don't make me feel so pity with your sympathy. I don't need that, I swear.

I know anything has been in the cards.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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