Thursday, July 8

Question Marks

What's wrong with this country?
Maap maap kalo sok tua. Tapi mendadak sadar pas tadi nonton berita. Berasa digampar tau gak pas ngeliat berita-berita! Is it my country?
Jadi pengen pindah... XD

Ok, take a look my question mark lists:

1. Harga sembako nauzubillah? -sok tua ye kayak emak-emak-

2. Kantor TEMPO dilempar bom molotov?

3. Aktivis ICW dibacok?

4. Polisi lebih tertarik sama Trio LUNTARIEL?

5. Apa kabar kasus Antasari Azhar?

6. Kapan korupsi dikelarin?

7. Penculikan kok merajalela sih?

8. Indonesia exported teacher and now more exist to send maid abroad? -akibat nonton barometer-

9. Serius, kenapa harus ada ACFTA? Indonesia has been ready to be defeated by China's goods? -SOK-

That's all for now. And my parents are getting protect me more caused by number 4 and 7. They are afraid if I am kidnapped. They are infotainment and press' victim. Infotainment over exposed bout that case. Oh my

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog

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