Saturday, July 10

Well yeah, does it sound good to say VELLYBLUEY.COM???

I got hosting packet from Jagoan Hosting. Days ago I won Blog Competition which was held by Ma Chung University. Actually not the real winner. I'm not primus or sekundus winner. The title is STILL WINNER. Each category has 30 winner. 3 of them are the real winner. And 27 others are called Still Winner.

There were 90 winner and divided into 3 categories, Pelajar, Mahasiswa, Umum. The system is same for each category, 30 winners.

I sent "Totally Nationalist" and "Sebuah Kesadaran, Bukan Paksaan". Both of my articles talked about Nationalism. Check it out if you're curious with it in May or April archive. I wrote 3 articles. Unfortunately I just registered 2 of 3. Pity me! The unregistered one is about Our Country's Education System, I forgot the title.

Each winner got 250MB hosting packet. And I won for 2 articles, so I expect that I got 500Mb, right? I hope so.

If one day my blog site magically disappear and you can't find my blog address a.k.a VELLYBLUEY.BLOGSPOT.COM, try to type VELLYBLUEY.COM on your Opera or Google Chrome or Mozilla, Ok?
I'm waiting for email of my hosting. Soon or later .COM will be mine.
But the hosting range time is only one year. But that's ok.

Ya, it's just an announcement. Enjoy your day, readers?

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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