Tuesday, July 20

Velly is Back

Well, finally I'm back and this blog opened for anyone, again. You are free here to read my unimportant posts. Then, why do I keep writing while I know all I wrote are unimportant?
Because I want to.
Simple, huh? Yes, it is.

Well, days ago I just wanted to set a mind at rest from any virtual activities. I'm not feeling well and can't enjoy my real life out of my family. I'm not feeling save and comfort with anything except my family, blog, and twitter.

I deactivated my facebook about 3 days ago. Idk. I just didn't wanna be in contact in too crowded virtual land. Now I just have twitter and blogs. In twitter I don't have much friends. I still can enjoy it.

I just wanna be a selfish girl who doesn't always have to be looked as cheerful and I cry alone to make them think I'm ok and still happy. No, I'm not.

Btw, do you guys miss me when this blog privated?

Thanks for reading and . . .

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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