Tuesday, July 13

With Them *again*

Ya again, spent time with love love lovely besties, Pep and Rora. Pep sent me message about at 10.15 and I haven't taken a bath yet. So I took a bath after reading her message. Actually I just would start my sketching activity. But I prefer hang out and forgot sketches for a while.

This time, there's no kinda stupid thing happened like last time we met, me and Pep saw a man ate banana in the crowded on our way back home. How ridiculous!

Pep delivered me to post office then we bought juice and otak-otak. Actually we planned to eat at rocket, but my pocket got flat. So bought foods which not spent too much. Next, we went to Rora's home, as usual.

We talked about World Cup. Never wanna see it over that soon. And Pep showed me Soccer magz which I asked to be brought last monday.

And ya, I was getting shock, more and more, when saw Thomas Müller really has married a woman named Lisa *just like Michael Carrick's wife's name*

How come he has married? He broke my heart huh! He is 21 years old *on september* and has married, wow?

Then we inspected phone each other to look for songs. Then we chatted and laughed like crazy, gossiped also never forget. Hahaha, girls' life.

Pep and me back home at 3.30pm. But before, we have a very nice gossiping time and we had to be spygirl to ensure our gossips. And we proved it. It was not gossip in fact, but a reality.

Back home and watched Boys Before Flowers. And till this second, I still can't believe that Kim Bum has to have a papa *in BBF* like the one rolled there. His face looked like a Mafia, I think, so 2000% different with Kim Bum's cute face. I know it was just soap opera. But I hope Kim Bum has better papa with better face *more handsome, I mean*

well, that's all.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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