Wednesday, August 4


Am I shock? I guess so.


Oh my, I just checked my email. I have waited for my hosting packet email but it hasn't received yet in my inbox. And today accidentally I checked spam in my email, and it was there, the email for my hosting packet. And thing shocked me up is I have to verify it before 31 of July 2010. And if I verify it after 31 of July, it won't be proceed. Oh damn!

But I tried to click the link in the email and fill the form and hope it still can be proceed although I have been late for 4 days (???).

Why the email didn't include to the real email and it received by spam? It's not spam, right? :(

So, I won't have this blog as a website? :(((

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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