Tuesday, September 28

15 minutes

Bonsoir, fellas! :)

Well, I just had great 15 minutes sharing time with Umi. I told her that I thought I can't stand any longer in that place. I do not feel comfort with my class, especially the people. Seems like, I am in new place but the people are old style like them I met in Hi School. I almost cried when I was telling her what I felt.

Umi said that I have to throw all the bad feelings away. I have to force myself feeling comfort and eliminate friends. That's not unreasonable. Like I told you, I think I met many people with the same characteristics like people in my past.

I just start to be university student for 8 days. But, I feel not comfort and am bothered by them. I meam, mostly sent me messages asked for homework, translate assignments, cheat homework. Hey, who are you!? I don't even know you, strangers!! That's why I start to turn my phones off in the afternoon and the night until morning. Because the messages bother me, my time, and my phone.

My brain is breaking into pieces because I have writing competition deadline on the end of september. And I haven't finished it yet. I planned to join three competition with five different materials. Oh damn!

Okay, I think that's all, fellas. I have to do assignment and pointers for my competition.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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