Saturday, September 18


Tonight I watched V for Vendetta on TransTV. Okay, I have to make a confession that I have mask phobia, things like clown or people around me call it Ondel-ondel.

When I was kid, I couldn't sleep all night long after Umi took me to carnaval or town festival where there were many clowns and ondel-ondel. I cried aloud when saw clown around me. And it happens until now, in my 18 years old life.

Months ago, there was ondel-ondel front of my house. And I swear, I cry aloud. It made my family shock. Because my phobia didn't appear for years lately. I like having trauma with those things.

Almost everyday I feel worry when hear dangdut music around my house. Because, the indication of ondel-ondel is dangdut music playing. And, mostly getuk seller also use dangdut music played aloud as their coming sign. My heart beats faster and I can't breath well. It tortures me. But, ondel-ondel comes around rarely. Thanks God.

Well, back to V for Vendetta. I love the movie, the plot, the story. But I hate the mask. It's scary me. I hate it. But I love the movie. So, I tried hard against this phobia and be brave to watch it. But I swear, my heart beats faster. Seems like I can't stand any longer. Huh...

In fact how arrogant I am, clown can make me become so weak and drive me crazy. This phobia, oh Gosh...

Help me!

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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