Monday, September 20

First Day with New Status

Okay, I think blogging is the most effective way to kill this boredom. Seriously, I have to admit that I'm boring to the max! Argh!

I have nothing to do in my first day as new student in a university in my town (actually it's the only university in my town, haha. I'll post later about my journey in looking for university). Ok, back to this boredom. It seems like I'll spend my leisure time waiting for my next class with just daydream or blogging and post so many unimportant things. Oh, rubbish.

Actually I had class on 9.10am. And I didn't join it or maybe I have to say that nobody joined it, include to the lecturer too. The lecturers had halal bi halal, kinda gathering after eid mubarak celebration. And my next class on 1.20pm.

I was back home to have lunch and took my laptop. I wanted to wifi-ing. But, the wifi didn't available, I don't know why. So, what I have to do then!? Any idea?

I'm listening to the music right now. It's quite effective to kill this boredom. But not 100% kill it. Just 60% of it.

Ok,that's all for now. Oh ya, I planned to make new facebook account today. But it will be restricted, PRIVATED. In fact, I still need it.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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