Thursday, September 16

Gathered with Mommies

Today I had great time with My Mommies. Mommies? Yes, because I have some. Actually they are not my real mom. They are my companion in army, they were my teacher when I was in Hi School. They were the best teachers, I love them so and miss them like hell. They supported me, encouraged me, strengthened me when I had worst reality to face at school. Ya, they were my teachers, but means more for me.

Confuse? I'll write Umi for my real mother, Mommy for my beloved teachers, and Ibu for my mom's aunty.

I went to Ayuni's house at 1pm. Then we went to Mommy Emwe's house. We met Mas Husni (administration staff of my HS). Chit chat, laughed, discussed, gossiped until 4pm then went to Mommy Arief's house.

There, we had to wait for minutes because she wasn't home. Then we met her children, Noval and Fira. They were so hyperactive, did many stupid things. Yeah, kiddo. Played with them also, just liked a family. Then, at 6.30pm we went to Mommy Indri's house.

What happened next? Almost the same. There I met her children also, Nida and Ojan. They weren't that hyperactive like Mommy Arief's children. They are cute, so lovely. They wanted me to draw them some pics, because I'm good enough in drawing. Both of them asked me to draw picture of duck. I drew whem two pages full of ducks. Nida asked me first to draw, then Ojan next. Then asked to draw cow, chicken, goat, cat, but I can't. Tired to draw that much. But I was happy made them happy.

And now, here I am, in my home. Actually I wanted to back home at 9 or more. But Umi sent messages asked me to go home not that late. Okay, I'm tired and hungry. But nothing can be eaten. Anything has been in refrigerator, lazy to cook or warm them. Beside, my Abah will be angry if see me eating in the night. It makes me getting fatter and fatter. Huaaaaaaaah *yawn*

Ok, that's all for today. Btw, I wanted to carry Fira (Mommy Arief's daughter) and Ojan (Mommy Indri's son). They are the youngest one of my Mommies. So cute. Fira is so chubby and Ojan is so cool.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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