Wednesday, September 8

Say Goodbye -sadly-

Well, welcome back, Vell! Ok, miss me? Hope so. It's been so long time I didn't touch thing called internet. It seemed I was so damn primitive living without internet, I thought. But, my life ran so well without internet, better than when I spent hours just for facebook and twitter. My life ran better because I didn't have to spend extra budget for pulse. Although I missed it sometime. You know what, I live almost 2 months without my phone because it was hospitalized in Sony Ericsson Care. Actually that made me became primitive without internet, do'oh!
But now, here I am! Ready to post more and more (I hope I'm not lazy to post).

The title of this post is 'Say Goodbye' because I wanna say goodbye to this holly month, Ramadhan. Tomorrow will be last day of it and tonight I did last tarawih. Ok, I know that I'm sensitive. So when I was in the mosque, I did wanna cry. I don't wanna say goodbye to this holly month that fast. Tonight I enjoyed everything, every step I took to pray to God.

Ok. I have some goals this holly month. Check these out:
1. Finish reading Al Qur'an this month
Stats: Never done. I always failed to do this one because of M
2. Read Al Qur'an five times a day
Stats: Just done twice a day, huh! I'm so envy with Abah who can do it and always finish reading Al Qur'an in a month. I want to!
3. Full tarawih
Stats: Failed! There were 2M caused Males and real M. I did it at least just 70% of 30 nights

See, at least I have will to be better this month.

Things I miss are I can be with my full fams only in this month. Having great time when sahur and buka. Kumpul komplitnya cuma kalo puasa. Bisa makan bareng. Walopung kadang ilang satu ato dua gara-gara kakak sibuk kerja ato ada acara sendiri.

Ramadhan, satu-satunya bulan dimana pahala dan rezeki digelar seluas-luasnya. Bahkan sampe pengemis gadungan dan penjahat, perampok, pencopet, orang baik, ustad, pedagang, semua dikasih bonus sama Allah.

Ya Allah, pertemukanlah kami dengan bulan Ramadhan yang akan datang. Jadikanlah kami hambaMu yang merasakan kemenangan fitri. Sucikanlah jiwa kami menyambut hari-hari indah yang akan datang.

Selamat tinggal bulan Ramadhan.


At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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