Wednesday, September 22

Waiting, Again?

I'm waiting for the lecturer, as always. Ok, I'll notice you first, maybe mostly of my posts will be about my boredom when waiting for lecturer or class. Because I'm new student and still can't assimilate myself well in this new zone. Kinda childish spread my feeling out in this blog. But whatever.

Oh gosh, my first class begun at 7.30am and the lecturer didn't come. She went to... wherever, I don't wanna know. Fortunately, I wore trouser and didn't follow the instruction to wear skirt, long skirt as well. Hell-O!? It's 2010! It's a big NO for me to wear skirt, however they ask me to.

I'm a type of girl who doesn't bring to heel. I bring the heel to the hell. I love to break the rule, and I still haven't find any reason for that. And it becomes a hell for them who make the rules. Poor you..

Why everyday always boring to the max? Oh dear, now I think hi school was so damn much better than university. Except part about the uniform and the teachers.

I woke up at 7am. I usually back to my pillow and blanket after praying in the morning. I took a bath and asked Umi to cook something for my breakfast. Okay, I was ready. But one thing missed.

"WHERE'S MY SHOE!!?" I lost my shoe. I just found one of it. Actually my outfits theme today is BATIK. Top batik, handbag batik, trouser, and that shoes would be nice. But it lost. So, I wore red shoes. Oh damn! It didn't match at all. I failed my outfit theme today. In fact, I wanna be more feminim, just for today. Because the lecturer *who asked the female student to wear long skirt* loves to see feminim girl. Yeah yeah, I thought I'm getting crazy today.

What should I do then! I 'm just listening to the music, as usual. That's it.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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