Sunday, October 10


It seems so special, a very special date, maybe. But for me, it's just like another ordinary day. Except, it's sunday, date changes, and I have full time to rest and enjoying day. Ok, it's nice date to post as always, and I just want my blog keeps my memories, maybe I forgot this beautiful date and it will remind me again when read these posts.

Today I spent day went to swimming-pool with my sisters. It's so long time didn't move my body underwater. Then backhome in midday and slept till 5pm. And tonight, I'm spending nite front of my laptop finish my assignments. Maybe I'll sleep late, because I have slept too much this day.

Oh ya, yesterday I worked again. And asked my students about IMB 'Indonesia Mencari Bakat'. And all of them support Klantink, not Brandon. They said that Brandon just like epilepsy when dancing. Yeah, my students are boys and maybe jealous to Brandon.

About this job, I do not take it too serious. Just want to practice and challenge myself. And in fact, I do have fun with it. The salary is not that big. I still can ask money as much as my salary to my parents cash. But, pride when I can get money by myself, it has different sensation.

I'll watch Penghuni Terakhir first, then continue do assignments. Oh....., tired. And tomorrow will have full class and excul, maybe back home at 5.30pm, from 7.30am. -_-

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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