Thursday, October 21


Seriously, I'm confusing on myself. I took meds+ctm after working, about 8.30pm. But I don't feel the effect til now. My eyes look so strong to stay awake in the night. Firstly I'm afraid that I would fall asleep before finishing my deadline. But, I have finished it and my eyes still opened. I think, thing can make me sleep is tiring body. College+work, I plan to sleep in 20 minutes.

What a meaningless post, hahahahahahaiah!
Btw, I do love to write today. I wrote about 4 notes in my laptop since back from college (I won't name it as Diary. Although the contents are similiar with it). I have random and unspecified diary in my blog. That's enough.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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