Friday, October 8

Finally, work work work!

Well, this girl is back to post about her experience today. Ok, it seems like I frequently post thingy and everyday update my life here. That's ok.

Today I started my job as a tutor, have my own class with own material. I have three students, and in fact they are not creepy at all. It's fun to teach them and I almost always laugh to see their act. They are Jiddan, Oziq, and Ian. Ian and oziq are brothers. Ian is in 2nd grade, jiddan 3rd grade, and oziq in 5th grade. Jiddan's eyes is just like me, even worse. I am a girl with minus 2 eyes and he is 2,5.

I got my first salary voucher today :) and will change it into money on 30 october. Btw, I will teach more groups and will collect more voucher and bigger salary. Hahaha, I can't wait it!
Tomorrow I will teach again, meet them again, and have more fun. Oh ya, I corrected their pretest also and could not stop laughing to see their answersheets.

It was raining when I went there, so I get caught in rain. I got serious headache, migrain actually, as always. But the migrain came before I went for working. It's getting worse by the rain. I fell asleep at 8.00pm and woke up at 10.00pm to watch Penghuni Terakhir, realized that my migrain was better. And now try to sleep again as the preparation to watch England match on 1.15am. But I think I can't and realiye that this migrain back again, do'oh!

Well, that's all.
At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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