Saturday, October 30

The First but The Last

Okay, the first time I get money with my own effort.

Yes, yesterday I Got My First Salary after working for four weeks as a tutor. Oh my, seriously I'm so happy! I'm proud of myself. And I believe my parents are prouder to see their spoiled-childish-youngest-daughter got home with smile and money from her own job. I have never imagined to get my first salary in my 18 y.o. I thought I will always ask for money from my parents til I am 25y.o. Yes, seriously, I thought so. I feel my life is perfect enough and I don't need to work hard or get job earlier like I do now as well. I'm a very lazy girl. I don't even make my bed after waking up in the morning, Umi always does it for me. See, that's why I feel happier and prouder than ever.
Right, for me, the most important thing is I have activity to do. The money is just bonus. That's it.

But hey, I guess I have to say that there was sadness in my heart. I have to lose a friend. A very nice girl I usually meet in my working place. I knew her as a receiptionist there. I knew her even before I work as a tutor. I joined a graphic design class supported by Kemendiknas about 4 months ago. And there I met her.

On november 4, she will move to Bandung to continue her study. Yesterday was the last time I met her *crying*. Her name is Mba Ismi. She's just like me, working to have activity not for money. She's a rich girl actually. But so humble and low profile. I'm gonna miss her, serious. I like her personality and the way she helps me understand my duty or thing I have to do.

I wanted to cry and hug her. But no. Yesterday I gave her my best smile and told her to take care herself and keep contact. That was my first salary and she managed it for the last time. Then she will back to her life as well. No need to be busy manage thingy and the people.

Good bye Mba Ismi, see ya next time. Take care and don't forget to contact me. I miss you :(

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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