Saturday, October 2

I Got Job

I got job, yeey!! Actually I wanna be enterpreneur, work for myself and be the boss of my own. But, for now I'll work for another one, got money, save it, then open my own company or else.

I will be tutor in an English course in Tegal. I'll work on Friday and Saturday, started from next Friday. I'll teach conversation class for Elementary School, 80% talking and 20% theory.

Today I got phone from receptionist there when I was sweaping my house. She said that I should come there at 10.00am. Friday to Monday I have no class in university. So, I'm at home. Bla bla blah, I came there and met the husband of the owner. The owner is my friend. She's a broadcaster, then almost everyweek I call the radio station just say hi or requested songs. And she's mother of my debate team member in Hi School. So, she helps me a lot :)

Okay, wish me luck to have my own conversation class with creepy little students..

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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