Thursday, October 21

It's Time to be More Selfish

Rora bilang, aku cuma belum terbiasa.
-by text.

Apa iya???

Maybe one day. Tapi bukan berarti akan menganggap sebagai sesuatu yang biasa dan berarti.

Today I texted Rora, told her that people in my class were so damn annoying.

I got angry because the one who was trusted to submit our assignments hasn't submitted yet. She's still waiting for about 3 girls finished theirs. Hey, it's individual assignment, not group. Yesterday we collected it and gave it to the lecturer, but she took it back. It's about my mark, about my score. I don't give a damn with your assignment. But please, if you wanna take it, take yours, not mine, not others.

And when I told others that way, you got angry with me. Who are you!? I don't even care with your anger. I just want you not to be that idiot. Moreover, the leader of my class then asked me whether the assignments submitted now or later.

Stupidioooooooooo! I wanted to eat you up! Are you stupid or something? Then you know how I answered his question. My favorite one, 'Whatsoever. That's none of my business'
Next, I plugged headset in my ears. I don't wanna be considered as provocator, but just wanna show my anger where other people also felt the same. That's it.
Then you got angry to me due to my act? Go ahead. It's not forbidden.
Even when you looked consider me as your rival. Well, I like competition. That's why I love to have rival, in my class as well.

But on Mrs. Yoga's lesson, I show you who controls the game. And you have to work hard to defeat me. Good luck, and for today, It was a nice try.

Well, I have to prepare myself to go working. I have night class on Tuesday and Thursday. In the night I teach High School Students. Not bad I think.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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