Tuesday, October 5

She's So Sweeeeeeeet!

Oh my, Umi was so sweet!

I was laying in my bed watched Cinderella's Sister. Then, Umi came and laid beside me. She hugged me and told that last night when I was sleeping, she came to my room, slept beside me. She said that last night she hugged me and touched my forehead then said 'Cunong' (in fact I'm not at all). Then she touched my nose and said 'Pesek' (And again, I'm not Pesek. I have pointed nose like arabian).

Maybe she feels I'm too busy with classes in university and assignments till have no time for her. Now I seldom have lunch at home, come home late, go to univ in the morning, sleep late because of assignment, or sleep to early because of tired.

But, I'm trying to have quality time with her. Almost everyday after classes, I spend at least 15 minutes to share things happen in my whole day, even when she is going to sleep. Then she gives advices or just comments on my story.

I'm so spoiled at home, but I will be independent at school or wherever outside my house. That's because Umi always wants me to be independent girl, doesn't depend on others.

Maybe later I will post more about this one, Umi, my guardian angel.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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