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Youth Pledge

Hey, I'm back fellas! And I'm here to say Happy Youth Pledge. IT's Youth Pledge Day in Indonesia. And I do hope that every youth can be great parts of the nation.

Well, it's nice I think to share my paper when I sent to Soegijapranata University when there was Speech Competition there.


Teenfluence consists of two words, they are Teen and Influence. According to Adams and Gullota in Aaro, 1997, teen are young people between 11-20 years old. And influence means impact which is arisen thereafter. So, teenfluence is influences which are caused by teenagers in the society.


Youth is a transition period after childhoods and before age of consent. Anna Freud in 1990 said development process of teenager happens in this period. It covers psychosexual, relationship with people around them, and also their personality are changing.


It is the most beautiful period. Every teenager feels can get anything they want. Because, they are young, energetic, have millions dream and ready to bring it into reality. They are not afraid of anything. They feel free, like have no burdens. And, anything happens only once in a life.


Let’s talk something wider range of teenager, young generation.


Country’s development depends on its young generation. It sounds cliché, but that is the really happen. It’s not depended on elder people endlessly. Only a few touches of young people, it gives big impact to a nation.


For example is Youth Pledge in 28 October 1928. It shows, when young people did it together, they could be the best way out for Indonesia at that time. They changed people point of view in Indonesia. People started to give them chances. They tried to believe them and their ways of working. That’s the real sample of young people work and the result was amazing.


But in fact, nowadays their parts in country’s development are underestimated. They have no chances to take a part in it. In a country is all about seniority, age and experience. There is no place for young people.


When people get elder, they have many experiences. And young people are, too. If they are not given any chances, when will they get those experiences?


People do not realize big impact which is brought by young people. For example, Muamar Khadafi from Libya, Julius Caesar from Roman, France has Napoleon Bonaparte who found America continent and Indonesia itself has R.A Kartini who is known as mother of emancipation and our founding father, Soekarno. They showed their brilliant career in young age. Not only those people who are mentioned there, but every great figure is exemplary. And they started to be great person since young age, because people gave them chance.


Elder people have experiences which are not had by young people. But, they have one thing whose the elder don’t have. That thing is fresh idea. They are young, dynamic, up to date, and potential. They can do what elder people can not do.


It’s scarcely over to see young people given chances to take a part in a country’s development. People said that they have no ability. They are not capable. Why don’t just give a chance and see what they can do?


It’s not fair if people say it before seeing their work. Are they afraid of changes young people would bring? Or maybe, they are just not ready to be eliminated from this stage?


Young people are more critical. They have so many ways to show their opinion. Some of them demo when they agree or disagree. Some of them write what they feel. Some of them use art as their media in expressing their idea. They are creative and innovative.


But, it’s not motiveless if they do not believe them. They have many reasons to do that. One of the reason is young people can not filter any western culture which is brought here. Mostly western cultures which exist in Indonesia are not acceptable and is not accordance to our culture.


There are 7F factors that can influence young people, especially teenagers. They are:

1.      Food

Mostly teenager prefers choose fast food restaurant with foreign brand than the traditional one. Why? Because they feel proud when eat that food. They feel more confident than when they eat traditional food. It also can increase someone’s dignity. It’s better for them to pay higher in fast food restaurant than must be found eat traditional food in traditional market.


2.      Film

Some not presentable TV programs are presented on television. Those programs contain of violence, pornography, and other not appropriate scenes. But, they are presented in appropriate moment. It’s impacted someone’s psychological. If they spent much time front of television, they would act just like what they see there. Because, they still look for their self identity, they usually imitate what their favorite actress or actors wear or do.


3.      Fun

“Just for fun”, they usually say that sentence. What’s that mean? Actually, it means nothing. But in the reality, those words make people do anything just to get something called ‘fun’. Those words help people reducing their stress feeling. They sub consciousness is ordered to get relax. But, the negative effect of it is people can not do something seriously. Especially teenager, they will go to school just for having fun, study for fun, or maybe one day they could kill somebody just for having fun. And it would be so terrible.


4.      Fashion and Life Style

Teenagers love to be fashionable. That’s why they always want to be up date with the newest fashion stuff. And they often wear clothes which are called fashionable but in fact it is contrary to our culture. It’s culture degradation. Culture is not important anymore. Beside fashion, life style is also taking a part in culture degradation. Mostly teenagers now get along with night life. And it is identical with free sex and drugs.


5.      Free

It’s a very simple word. But it can bring people going nowhere. Young people like to be free. They often talk about freedom and shout it loudly. They do not like to be restricted. They want to do what they want. They want to try what they never know. They want to explore themselves. But, when they get their freedom, they would do things contradict with law and custom. Freedom is not thing they need. Actually, young people just need to keep staying in their area. Keep it save with their own world.


6.      Finance

It talks about money. Finance is everybody’s problem, and so are teenagers. Almost everybody likes money, so do the teenagers. And social asymmetry often happens because of this. Usually the poor one want to have what the rich one has. So, she/he does anything to get what they want. From the legal job until do something illegal and immoral, like burgling, prostitution, and human trafficking.


7.      Friction

Teenagers are young and do not like to be lost. They want to have perfect life without any problems. But, they find so many problems in the reality. They find problems at school, home, society, and anywhere. They have conflict with their parents, sisters, brothers, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, teachers, and other people around them. They are still labile and moody, too. So, they can be so depress when face problems in their life. If it happens continuously, they can withdraw from social interaction.


According to Joseph Rowntree Foundation, nine out of ten girls said that friction was caused by disputes over boyfriend. Friction is more serious than just poverty, because it can cause someone into drugs, violence, till sex abuse.


Young people could bring both positive and negative effects to their country. It’s about how we treat them. They just want to be appreciated. They just want the world see them as what they really are, listen what they want. They do not want to be underestimated, because it hurts them and make them take a step further into something worse. They want the world give them chances to change the world, to make it better. Being a teenager is not the same like years ago. The world has changed, and so do the people.

That's all my paper. That was all in my brain. I'm a teenager, part of youth. Hoping can give my best for my Indonesia.

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