Thursday, November 25

Am I?

Today, I need to talk mucho! But not in my real life. I need to talk (red.write) mucho here!


Alright people, I do wanna know what you are thinking about when see me for the first time. I mean, well, the first impression usually takes important part in next relation of people. And usually, what people think about me is totally wrong. Just I wrote as my last message in a post that I am shy at first, but when you know me, I won’t shut up.


And about two or three days ago, I don’t remember exactly, a girl called me. But she didn’t call my name. So, I didn’t respond her. Then she complained me. She said that I was so haughty *sob sob*.

Hey ya, how come? You didn’t even call my name correctly. No, you didn’t even call my name. So, I should not do anything, I thought. If you want me to respect you or be friendly to you, you should call my name correctly and treat me properly. That’s it. Simple, huh?


Well, another thing I didn’t respond her was, ya, I do not like her. The way she acts, I do not like it. I am a type of person who can’t pretend myself to like somebody or act better to people I do not really like. I just can appreciate and respect, but I can’t pretend to act better. I’d rather to be quiet and do not talk much. Okay, I am gonna tell you that there are two reasons why sometime I can be so quiet in crowd situation. The first one is I am not in good mood. And yes, I am soooooooooooo moody! The second one is I do not feel comfort with the people or the environment.

But if you see me can’t stop talking, it means I do feel comfort with people and situation around me. So, just listen up when I start being crazy like that and you have to be ready to laugh non stop. Because I am a humorous girl J.


And I guess, she doesn’t realize that I do not like her acts. I usually just act normally and ya, I’m not a frontal person. So, I can’t act or talk too to the point. I still think about their hearts. I have my own way to treat these kinda special people. It’s confidential.


Back to the topic. That girl then told her friend who was walking beside her that I am so damn quiet and I will say nothing if no one ask me to talk to. Do I? If so, I guess you have made mistake and really see me in wrong sight. You should ask some my classmates who are close enough with me how talkative and humorous I am!


Then I told Umi about that girl and her point of view about me. And umi just asked me to act like what I do right now. Because ya, this is me. I have been little bit anti-social since I was in high school. But, actually I am so friendly. You just need to see from different sight and taa-daa!! You will see another me.


I don’t know why, since English Camp Event couple weeks ago, I got so many fans. Aha, narcissism girl in action! I mean, usually somebody calls my name and I don’t even know them. They say hi to me and comment me what I do at that time. So I just can smile or just comment them also without saying their name, because I really do not know who they are.


I just wanna say, everybody is special with their own way. I know that I am special, but being popular isn’t the only thing I need. But I know that I’m not that popular, meh. Of course everybody wants people know them. But if it starts to disturb your day, why still you want it, people?


All I want to do in my life are talk least, think more, write much, and listen most. I want to talk, but not as much as I think. I want to write, but not as much I listen. Just like prudential says on television, Always Listening, Always Understanding. That’s what I am. And I still try hard to be like what that idealism appears in me.


Mostly people say that I am unfriendly, freacherous, fierce, taciturn, and other bad characters as their first impression about me. Or, maybe those aura appears in myself when people see me for the first time. But honestly, I enjoy how people think about me that ways. And seriously, I love to see they are shy and realize that they were wrong about me. It gives kinda enjoyment for me. Hahaha!



At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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