Thursday, November 18

English Camp - Part: The Citizen

Okay, welcome back, fellas. I will post and upload photos about the citizen there, around Guci. Actually some of these pictures taken when we were waiting front of the field where we played games. We were waiting for the announcement of the winner. And I found thing to kill this boredom, taking much pictures and explore my ability more. In fact, I’m so interested in art and photography. Although for now, I still have not enough money to buy my dream DSLR Nikon D-90. But I will save money and buy cheaper one. But not now. Maybe two or three years later. Even my parents will not allow me to waste money for something like that. Right, enough blabbering! It’s time to show the pictures. Ta-da!!!


The picture above was the first one I took. The tower looked interesting for me. And I took it in squatting position. And I guess it will be perfect if is taken with fish-eye lense.


Look, I really like this girl expression. She’s so cute. I don’t know, I always love kids. Moreover kids in my working place. By the way, I left them for English Camp activity. I hope they were okay with their stopgap teacher.



What I love from this picture is how they enjoy their journey. I didn’t see any tiring expression on them.



That picture is my best one. I took it once. And I do love the result picture. His smile is so honest and peaceful. It seems like he was so happy when I took his picture. I don’t know how to say, but I love this picture so much. My other friends also love this picture. It looks so perfect. And it will be more perfect if it was taken by fish-eye lense.



Those kids. I remember that they were shy at first. But I asked them not to be shy and just act naturally. They are kids and I love their smile and their expression. It seems like they have very good relationship.



It was so hard to take her picture. Firstly, I wanted to take her picture candid. But it was not as easy as I thought. I took her picture three times. Wanna see?



That was the first one. It looks like she peeked something, and the thing was my camdig.


 That was the second one. I took her picture, but I forgot her head lol. Usually I moved downward when taking pictures. And for this case, the result was so bad.


That’s the last one. Actually, there was a man behind her. I guess he is her husband.


You know what I realize? They had good sensibility as my model. They gave their smile without I asked and they were okay when I took their picture even with no permission. But, I never forgot to say thank to them. It means I appreciate them. I respect them, seriously. I really did.


By the way, it’s been four days after English Camp and I miss that event, meh. I will join it if the committee makes another English Camp. I think that’s all.


At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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