Thursday, November 18

English Camp - Part: The Event

I have transferred photos from my camdig and just like I promised days ago. Today I will upload photos were taken on English Camp Event. Actually it was just like other ordinary activities. We stayed in a villa then games and music then back home. But things made it priceless are the memories, the moments. How we felt, how we got closer each other as family, how we were as a team, how we spent quality time together.

I didn’t take many photos actually. I prefer took the view there, mountain, nature. Maybe later I will ask photos from the committee, hopefully they will share it with me.

But as always, I will divide some posts into pieces, about what part I am gonna talk about. And this one I will post about the activity itself, about what English Camp is.

I hope you can see it clearly, although some were not taken with perfect lighting. Here they are!

Those are photos taken when we just arrived in a T-Junction before we have to move up to the villa on foot. Imagine that!? Forget it. I enjoyed it as well.

They are camwhores from my class. Anywhere, they will be the exist people and their faces almost always exist in every picture I took. Do not ever think to see my face here. If you see my face, it means that I didn’t take it by myself and I was afraid the photo result. It must be as not good as the picture I took. Just be patient not to see my face for while lol.

Ah, I remember this moment. When there were two singing beggar came to the villa when we were gossiping near to the villa. Those kids sang to some friends from other class, then when they finished singing, that people left them without gave any money. What a pity. So, my friend, Zaen called them and asked them to sing some songs. After that, some people in my class gave them money.

See? When they were among us, I found time to ask their name. Their name is Irham and Maulana. It seems irony to see them sang songs to get money. Where are their parents?

These pictures were taken after Sunday Music. We were in the terrace, chit chat.

Actually my classmates walked around Guci after Sunday Music, they planned to buy ‘mendoan’. I wanted to join them, but I cancelled it. The only reason is I was too lazy to move up to villa again. It’s better to stay in villa, whatever I did. Although I didn’t know what I had to do then. And pictures above was taken after they came back to villa and we ate ‘mendoan’ in the terrace. Although I didn’t eat ‘mendoan’, but I love that moment.

See them? The girl is my classmate and also my roommate when English Camp. And I called her Emak, but her real name is ELLA ELLA E E E. Hahaha, she’s nitpicking like an old woman. She always told us not to that not to do this, bla bla bla. That’s why I called her EMAK. However she refused it, I always called her so. And willy-nilly she always answered when I called her that way. And the boy is Norris. Ella is nitpicking and Norris is talkative. What a match hahaha. Kidding.

By the way, I don’t have any pictures when the game was held, when we played games in the mud. We were so damn dirty. Oh my! I didn’t bring my camdig at that time, because I think it’s not needed. But in fact, it was definitely needed.
I always wanna be clean, even in my class I always wipe my hand with something like Antis or
Dettol. And I had to play in the mud, see all my body covered with it, even my hair and my ears. That was the first time I got so dirty. But overall, it was so fun and I didn’t care about Antis or Dettol anymore. Hahaha!

That’s all about English Camp itself. I will upload other pictures later. Uploading pictures in blogger takes much time. Because I don’t have any facebook, I upload it here. It seems like I planned to make the new one before, but I haven’t done it yet till now. And am too lazy to have the new one. Or maybe other pictures will be shared in my photobucket? If it’s necessary, I will upload it there. But for now, I prefer upload it here.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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