Thursday, November 18

English Camp - Part: Myself and I

Again, I’m back with story about English Camp. And I still can’t forget the event. I want to back to Saturday, went to Guci again, and had English Camp again, I wish. But, here I am now, remembering about English Camp and post some postings about it here.


Well, I am gonna tell ya about what I did at that time. Just like other participants did, I joined every agenda. I joined games, joined Sunday Music, sang, gossiped, blabbered. I still remember how my group was busy preparing to perform in Sunday Music, but in fact we didn’t perform anything. My group wanted me to sing a song alone as well. But I refused it. Are they crazy or something? I don’t even know I can sing well. Then we prepared to sing My Love by Westlife. And Emak wanted me to sing a part where Mark sings alone with his softprano voice. I can’t imagine it. You have to close you ears when I start singing, it’s a warning.


And after Sunday Music, the adventure began. I couldn’t close my eyes. Okay, if you read my blog often, you should know that I’m a girl with insomnia disease. So, I just stayed in my room, saw my other friends travelled to dreamland together. And I just could sit and hope I could fell asleep. But nope. I walked around the room many times, just opened the door, then closed it. And I decided to go to the ktchen. Fortunately, I met Zaen there, and also Irvan. Let’s name them as Obama and Gayus Tambunan. Hahaha


Zaen’s face looks like Barrack Obama, but in white version. And irvan’s face looks like Gayus Tambunan. Who doesn’t know him? Hahaha


I told them that I couldn’t sleep, and neither did they. So, they asked me to join them sang songs with other committee and also lecturers. It was fun. But a thing made it not fun was, I just knew some songs of the songs they sang. So, it seems like I prefer to be listener. And I know that I don’t have good enough voice.


Then, me and Zaen came in to the villa and played poker. Do you know poker? I didn’t. But they taught me how to play poker patiently. And they were so patient to teach me, I admit it. Bunch of thanks for them. So, I played with Zaen and Adit first. Then Gayus Tambunan came ad wanted to join.


And, as a beginner, I often lost the game and got punishment. The punishment was my face drawn with lipstick. And almost every corner of my face full of lipstick, except eyes and my lips. I felt my face likes of a canvas than a face of a girl. Zaen said that I never use any make up on my face, and yes I am. So he drew freely in my face, meh *cry aloud*. And Gayus Tambunan also drew some forms on my face. It’s better than he drew dollar on my face, lol. If you wish to see how my face looks like at that time, I also wish it. I have no photos of my face. But I’m sure someone has it. He took it candidly, but I could see the flashlight of the camera. Unfortunately, I always fail to ask the photo from him. Gimme one, uh!


Maybe if kids see my face, they will run away to their mama and cry aloud. Or, they will run away and sing “Orang gila orang gila” when seeing my face.


Then after they drew my face complacently, we stopped playing. I cleaned my face and went to the terrace with Gayus Tambunan and Obama. They were smoking and I hate smoker. I asked them to go away. But they didn’t want to. So I just cover my nose with my jacket. Then we sang songs, Gayus Tambunan as the guitarist and I was the singer. Hahahaha, finally I sang songs! And sometime sang together with Gayus Tambunan. I requested some songs, like Salah by potret, Elang by Dewa 19. I love those songs. I stayed awake till 4.30am. and went to bedroom.


And, you know what, there’s no space left for me. Everybody sound slept. So, I moved two chairs closer and I slept there. But in fact, I still couldn’t sleep. And fortunately, Emak woke up and let me got a space to sleep. I just sleep for 15 minutes. Imagine that? It’s enough for me actually. I woke up because of voices of the committee. Oh my, they have very loud voices *yawn*


Then, we prepared to do exercise. No, we prepared to pray first and then do exercise. We did exercise leaded by Lara. And I guess I was low battery at that time. After that, I went back to the bed, protected myself under the blanket. And I slept for one hour. Then, Emak and other friends back to the room told me that they would walk around Guci and they wanted me to join. Okay, I got up and joined them.


It was a long journey, move up and move down. And I was extremely tired. Fortunately we went across to an area with very good views. But unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camdig, do’oh! Oh wait, I have some photos and it’s taken by my cell phone. Wanna see?



There they were. And I prefer to be the one took the picture than included to the photos. I don’t know why, sense of narcissism girl didn’t appear at that time. Because I am not a camwhore.


Then after that tiring journey, we back to the villa, had breakfast, prepared to go home. But before, we had time to go shopping. Then, we went home.


I think that’s all. I should not post about sucks thingy here. Let me keep it alone XD. I just want to remember the happiness, okay? In fact, I just found some suck things from some girls and I won’t gossip it here. I will gossip it with my friends. Overall, it was fun.


At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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