Thursday, November 25

English Camp - Part: The Views

Well, I’m back, fellas! Miss me? Okay, now I’m gonna post about some beautiful views I took a week ago on English Camp event. Or in fact, I took ‘em on the way to villa. Well, I won’t talk mucho mucho. Just want to say ENJOY IT!!!

I love the sky and the cloud!

Look, I really love that one. Just like mommies were gathering in the field and gossiped about the price of chili or onion, hehe


The view was awesome!


Now, let’s moving to some photos about the forest, enjoy!


And, we arrived in---

Oh, fail, do’oh!


And we arrived in---




Wanna see the best one?


Yeah, those are pictures taken on the way to Guci. The views are so calm and quiet. It shows how great God is. Ya, just be grateful. So God will give us more.

It seems like I took ‘em in motionless condition. Yes, I didn’t move, but the bus did. I had to be careful and prepare myself seconds before the photo target. So, when the bus reached there, I have got the photo and the result was like what I was wanted.


That’s all. I still have hundreds photos to be shared. But I will choose some with the best resolution and result.


At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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