Wednesday, November 3

Happy 30th Anniversary, My Parents :)

Heyya fellas, I’m so back today! But bad news, I’m in mid term test and it almost killed me. Just almost, it means, it failed to kill me huahuahuahaaaaa *devil laugh*

This picture taken when I was in third grade...

Well, today I’m back with a story about a couple, my favorite one actually. They are my parents, stupid couple but romantic. Hahaha, I guess Umi will get mad if I say my parents are stupid couple. But they are romantic with their own way. And today is a very special day. A very special day and it’s marvelous to realize that they have been 30 years live together as spouse. Yes, it’s my parents anniversary.


30 years ago, there was a very simple wedding ceremony. More than 30 years ago, they live as neighbor. And love will not come one second too fast or one second late. And there they were! Nobody knows who the one will share her or his life with.

Sometime I think love is so unique. Okay, of course we are looking for the right one. Always. But we will never know who will be our Mr. Right. The one we will share our life with can be so close, but we didn’t realize it until it happens or can be so far away until we can not see it. And Ta-da!!! Love is magic.

Back to my parents anniversary day. They got married on November, 3rd 1980. And a year later, my oldest sister was born, on September 28th 1981. I think my parents had perfect marriage life. They must be a very lucky and happy couple at the moment. Right, this is my sister about 29 years ago.

Hmmmm, what a swarthy baby! *ROFL*

And this is my sister now, 29 years later. So damn much beautiful than ever and also so fair skinned. Wait, people said that her face just like Kajol Devgan, meh. Is she? I don’t think so. Hmmmmm…

Then, three years later, or on 4th years my parents’ marriage, my older sister was born. She was born on May, 22nd 1984. It’s a perfect interval in sisterhood relation. And I’m so jealous to see my sisters’ closeness. They are just like friends. Well, this is my sister about 26 years ago.

And now, this is it!

Aha! It’s time to tell about me. Then, 12 years after my parents marriage, they got me. Wait, I have a picture when Umi was being pregnant me. Look!

I guess the picture isn’t clear enough. Maybe later I will scan it. I just took this picture last night from family photo album. My sister always told me about how happy they were welcoming me. Abah bought them two big Doraemon dolls, one for each of them on the day I was born. The colors were blue and pink. Ah! I should have it! I love Doraemon! But shy Abah just bought it for them? I’m the new member of this family but I got no gift. *Kidding*
They have given more than I ask. *what can a baby ask from her parents? lol*
Okay, this is the picture of this super baby.

And the super baby has been transforming into young woman. Right, I should not upload any photos, because I guess I have uploaded much photos of me i this blog. But I want toooooooooo.... Hahahahaha! This is it!

My age interval with my oldest sister is 11 years old *scream* and with my older sister is 8 years old *faint*
They often consider me as a kid. Don’t they remember that I have been 18 years old? Hahaha!
Anyway, I name my oldest sister as LAMPIR and older sister as DEVIL. I think I’m a bad girl named them that ways. But whatever. They know it and they never complain me about that.

This is us! Me and my sisters! Aren’t we adorable? Hahahaha! Fyi, we were born from very adorable couple.

By the way, talk about my parents, again. They are couple, business partner, life partner, friends, lovers, debaters, they are all in one, together.

Sometime I ask myself, do they still love each other? Do their love as much as it was? And then I remember Mr. Rono’s explanation about marriage couple after they got married for tens years. He said that mostly when a spouse have been undergoing their life for tens years, feelings named love is not as much as it was. But there is a feeling replace it and the feeling is more valuable than love. The name of this feeling is RESPECT.

Respecting people you love is more important than just love them but not appreciate them as what they are. When couple have been living together for tens years, the biggest respect is because their spouse has been be the best part in their life, give the best gift for them. The best and priceless gifts are children. And if you use your heart, there is no feeling can make you change your personality and get further from your family and lover. Children can make someone far get closer as well. That’s one of the benefits of children lol.

Wait, I don’t even have ever married anyone. But why it seems like I know this thingy very well, eh? Anyway, I’m still looking for my Mr. Right. I’m still learning about the arts of love. And I guess for now, I still can’t find somebody who can love me more than I love myself, lol. That’s what a selfish-single girl says to pass the buck to love or be loved by somebody.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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