Tuesday, November 16

Happy Happy Nite

I'm so happy tonight. Finally I met Pep and Rora. I met Pep quiet often. But Rora, I didn't meet her about 3 months. And it tortured us.
Rora will be back to Solo tomorrow evening and Pep will be back to Semarang on Thursday. And I say, I will extremely miss them.

Okay, talk about tonight. I spent tonite with Rora and Pep. We ate many kinds of food, just like we haven't eaten anything for days. First destination was Rora's home, as always. Then we went to Valentine on Kartini street. Pep and Rora ordered french fries and strawberry juice, while I ordered avocado juice and chocolate toasted bread. Then, next place was Bakso Kumis in Mejasem. See?

I got home with very full belly. And I guess Umi will be angry if I told her that I ate much tonite. But fortunately, Umi has slept woohoooo!

As always, we talked many things. About my english camp, a drama queen, some juicy gossips. And I will always miss the time when we laugh and share life.

Oh ya, after eating bakso, we went to a place. It's not something important place actually. But we went there to make us not to be that curious, just wanted to prove something. Then, what's interesting? Nothing actually, except I could do such silly things with them. We laughed all night because we pass wrong way many times in Pala barat.

I think that's all. I just wanna share how happy I am tonite. Seriously :)
I will miss Pep and Rora. We will meet soon. Oh by the way, Pep will be eightteen on Saturday. But we won't meet on that day.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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