Monday, November 22

It was On INSERT!

Well, remember my post about rubbish? Ya, I just posted it in November. And today I watched them on Insert! Oh my, I mean, how come Insert! shows them?

They are perfectly rubbish. I don't even care with them. I just thought that they are so annoying and it disturbed my day when watched it on Insert! just now. It completes my bad day! -_-

And Insert compares them with a KPop boyband, ya, Suju a.k.a Super Junior. You should know them. Insert! compares the rubbish's single and Suju's single Bonamana. And it shows that the rubbish is sooooooooooooooo rubbish! They are rubbish! No words can explain 'em.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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