Tuesday, November 23

New Header but The Old One

Yah, I just changed my blog header and also profile picture. Yayaya, those are the old one. It seems like I back to three or four months ago when I used the same header and profile photo. But I don't know why, I like to see my blog in white atmostfer, although I love blue more.

Yeah, which one do you like?

I like the first picture. I love the nail art on my nails.

And the second one, I love it's white. And my sight looks like eagle's eye. You can see the real picture in my post tittled An Eye.

But for now I think I would choose the second picture. Hahaha, somebody said that my face in the first header looks sexy lol. But I don't wanna people thought so. So, I change it. Well, enjoy, people!

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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