Thursday, December 30

Mortal Combat Remains Me of YOU

When I turned on tv, I saw Mortal Combat in a tv station for a second before I moved to Trans7 to watch Bukan Empat Mata. And suddenly, I remembered you. Yes, you, the one I shared my life with over three years ago. You know what, sometime I think I can remove you from my brain and heart and mind. I've tried.

So, am I gonna talk about love? Ya, instead of talking about my day. Because lately I found nothing in it, not interesting enough to be shared. Flat.

I always had great times with you. And, everytime I watch Mortal Combat on tv, it remains me of you. It's an old movie but meaningful for me. And, since Pep told me where you are now, I wonder when I will see you again.

I remember when we watched it, you were in your home and I was in my home. But we talked about it till midnight. And I like it.

Wait! Do not ever think that I'm in love with you, again. Just wanna remember it. Friend, ya, I have successfully neutralized that feeling to you for now. Yeay!

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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