Sunday, December 12

Not in Good Mood *maybe*

Masalahnya, cuma lagi gak mood. Itu doang. Padahal malem ini cukup menyenangkan, walaupun nggak sepenuhnya. Jadi malem ini ada acara SatNite Gathering gitu di kampus. Dan ya, it was pretty fun. Kecuali beberapa bagiannya, sempet bikin emosi.

I arrived at home at about 10.15pm. And I said, it was such waste time. Why? Because it dropped my mood. Sebenernya sih acaranya asik. Cuma nggak tau kenapa hari ini mood lagi nggak stabil banget. Oke, mending aku cerita lengkapnya.

At 5pm, after working I went to campus. And ya, many people said that I was beautiful with my new haircut. Have
I told you that I cut my hair so short? Ya, I did. I just told you. Well, it made my mood up.

Then we had rehearsal, because tonight me and my friend (gayus tambunan) planned to sing songs on satnite
gathering. After evening prayer, we went to campus. Oh ya, we had rehearsal on Zaen's boarding house. So, we arrived in campus and had to wait about one more hour till it started. It made my mood down.

Then, Mr. Rector gave such preface but I said it's more likely lecture than preface. I guess, he forgets the world when he's holding a microphone in his hand. Fiuh! It dropped my mood.

Next one, I opened my pepsi bottle and it sprayed anywhere, just like champagne. But no, it was just a bottle of pepsi. You know what, I felt happy to see people around me got panic when it sprayed. It was funny for me. Yup, my mood was back. Although, my shoes were dirty for that.

Then, waited too long. So, I canceled to sing. Why? Because my class must be performed number 4, but class C took my class' turn. So, we went home angrily. Beside, the one I really hate perform on the stage. Perfect! Gayanya selangit boooo!!!
Padahal, beuh! She's so nothing. Ntar deh, kita ngrasani dia kapan-kapan.
I guess you know my mood was damn dropped to the lowest ground at that time.

So, what else?
Oh ya. I think the committee has to wait till next event to see me on the stage, singing, and hurting their ears. Yatta!!!

In conclusion, malam yang menyenangkan, tapi aku terlalu dipenuhi amarah. Well, this is me! Enjoy!

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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