Sunday, January 2

2011 Resolutions

Hey fellas, I'm back with several resolutions. Check these:

Ok. Let me explain you about this extreme program. There will be 20.000 only, more or less, in my purse. I won't keep too much. Everytime I get money, I will put it in an envelope under my bed. And when my money less than 20.000 in purse, I will refill it. Call me primitive, but that's my way to control my passion in spending money for meals and stuff. And, I have done it 2 weeks lately. You know what? It works! Just need to continue it and save more money. Yippi!!

2. GPA AT LEAST 3,00
I don't really sure with it. In some english lectures, I got good marks in last mid-term test. But, in lectures out of english, I just got C. Thanks God, I didn't get D or worse.
Oh, tomorrow is final test for this semester. As new year wish, I wish I can get good mark and pass it easily.
I hope I can get 3,00, and take more credits next year. Amen.

Do Daud fasting or Monday and Thursday fasting more than I did last year.

*Waking up in the morning
*Do early morning pray
*Don't back to my bed
*Do exercise, at least ride my bike
*Study harder

It's quiet hard to do that. I think I don't have good body-clock. But, when I sleep so late, I don't often feel sleepy. And I seldom take a nap in the afternoon. Even, I can keep staying awake for 24 hours.
If I couldn't manage my body-clock well, I would sleep all day and stay awake in the night. But I don't. I have normal day life, but I don't have it when night comes. Sometime, I have yawned since 8pm, but can't close my eyes till 2 or 3 am, even more as I said. I can close my eyes, at least at 12am.
And, thing disturb me is Umi often get mad when see me still awake in early morning -______-
Hope can sleep normally.

I think that's all for now. And hopefully can do it. Amen.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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