Tuesday, January 4

Bad Day

Dear diary, (Doesn't it sound nauseating? Yuck!)

What am I going to converse? I will tell you about today. It's the second day of ultimate test this term. And yap, I am required to admit that I could not do any of them well. Crap crap!

The first lecture was Dictation. I got there behind the schedule because I had to gas up my motorcycle. Then I remembered that I forgot my pencil case. Consequently, I reverse home to get it.
And voila! I arrived at campus 15 tardy. Oh!

The second one was Reading. I don't know why, since I was in Junior High School, I always got shocking score in this subject. But I hope not for this time.

The third one was civic. Auspiciously, I had recognized the questions. A class which had the test a day before told it. But it didn't guarantee I could do it well, too.

Hopefully, I can obtain excellent end result this term. Okay, I will study for tomorrow test. Bonne nuit, fellas.
Au revoir!

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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